LIABILITY: New Worlds Ateraan is FREE to play and donating to the game is entirely an individual decision. No liability, promises, commitments, or warranties of any kind are guaranteed or implied by donations of any amount. Donations do not afford the donator any special access to the game, administration, or staff, nor do donations grant any special rewards, options, abilities, or status.

SERVICE and AVAILABILITY: New Worlds Ateraan may close at any time, go offline, or block anyone's access to the game at any time for any reason. Donating to the game does not guarantee access or usage of the game or server. While efforts to maintain reasonable game availability, availability and termination of availability is at the sole discretion of the Administration.

REFUNDS AND TRANSFERS: Refunds and transfers are not allowed for any donations. Donations are based on the set character name given at time of payment. Return of donations or gifting of donations will not be allowed at any time. If you wish to gift another character with your donation you must enter that character name at time of donation.

FEES: Because of transaction and administration fees a minimum of $10.00(US) is required for any donation.

DISPUTES: In the event fraud or disputes the Administration will work with the donator and in cases of possible fraud, the administration will contact the appropriate authorities (FBI and INTERPOL) if necessary to resolve any fraudulent activities and handle the transaction as required by United States and International Law.

CRUISE: Donations for events are no longer available. They were available to apply the Cruise in 2021 as a "pass through" payment for the Cruise. This simply means that Ateraan is getting a group rate for the con and will include your room when you follow the instructions here. Donation rules as shown in this Disclaimer above, specifically the paragraph REFUNDS AND TRANSFERS, still apply as this is seen only as a pass through to the group rate for your room and other amenities relating to the cruise only. A Liability Contract for the cruise must be signed prior to boarding and holds Ateraan free from harm for this event.

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