The Guilds of the Kingdom

The Kingdom supports and oversees several guilds that are directly related to its sovereignty. There are also guilds not in the Kingdom that can be joined as well. All of these guilds are listed below. Some guilds have very unique and interesting styles that give players a chance to enjoy a different type of environment, while still catering to the standards of D&D.

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The Merchants Guild
The Merchant Guild - Located on Market Street near the Bank, this guild encompasses the trades and businesses in Gahlen. Arguably the most powerful in the economic sense of all other guilds, the Merchant Guild is a guild of both necessity and controversy within the realm.

Merchants are both vain and humble, powerful and weak, in the same step. They can buy up armies or live in poverty at the turn of a gem or gold piece. While the guild boasts of its own riches and strength of commerce, it also is a victim of its own vanity in that the other Guilds are leery of such power, and a safe merchant is a fair merchant. The Guild is not easy to join, since becoming a merchant is dependent on the economical strength of the Kingdom. The Merchants have complete responsibility of the food system in Gahlen and also run the ship yards. Other books in another room speak of both the economics of the merchants and the ship yards.

Much care should be taken when selecting this guild, since a merchant has almost no ability in combat and can wear and wield the least amount of armour and weapons.
The Fighters Guild
The Fighters Guild, most often referred to as the Garrison, is one sanctioned and even relied upon by the Duke of Gahlen. The Guild is utilized for the defense of the city and for the upholding of the law. Marshals and Judges of Justice often call upon the Guild to dispense justice or to assist in the bringing in of criminals who are avoiding capture.

The Fighters Guild also maintains both the Training Grounds for new immigrants to Gahlen, as well as the famed Arena. The Guild has the unique ability to call special events in the Arena, and is responsible for the punishment of those who break arena rules. Entrance into this guild is only possible with a sponsor who is a member of the guild. The fighters are garrison-type soldiers who think of honor as the highest of laws. They are powerful and are adept at nearly all weapons and armour, able to manipulate them and make them stronger.
The Mages Guild
The Mages Guild is one dedicated to the study of magic in all of its facets. Mages are studious and follow a strict code of study, however, they have also been known to have a strange sense of humour as well, presumably from their constant usage of strange magics.

Entrance into this guild is only possible with a sponsor who is a member of the guild. The mages follow the path of the mysterious and have much favour with the Elves and Nymphs because of the magical nature of those two races.

Mages are adept with potions and scrolls, and have the ability to perform powerful enchantments on armour. They are restricted, however, to a limited number of weapon and armour types, having to rely mostly on magic for offensive and defensive powers.
The Waylumi Clerics Guild
The Clerics of Waylumi follow the Path of the Light. They are the ones who believe in light and things that represent good and wholesome ideals. Although they shun the darkness, they accept it as the opposite of their beliefs.

Following this religion and this guild means a commitment to the Light and the Path of Good. Those in the guild are restricted in some uses of armour and weapons.

Most of the Waylumi Cleric's powers rely upon the light and goodness and are set to help others in mysterious and powerful ways. The guild is revered by most in Nordenland and a praiseworthy goal for any who seek after a faith-inspired role in life. As most guilds, you cannot join this guild without a sponsor in the guild to represent you.
The Rogues Guild
This guild is home to the free spirited adventurers who are independent mercenaries, monks, and martial artists and do not see the need for an abundance of rules. Rogues are known to be self-sufficient and resourceful, relying on their own wits and talents to guide them to a prosperous future.

The only guild that neither has a Guild Master, nor requires a sponsor in order for you to join it, it has become the topic of both admiration and disdain from the various other guilds - depending on who is doing the talking.

While there are certainly advantages to being a rogue, the largest disadvantage is that of comraderie in the form of structure. Rogues lack guild communications, boards, treasuries, and do not have a large sanctuary as enjoyed by more defined and controlled guilds.
The Druids Guild
Druids are the followers of a Faith that seek all of its teachings from within the depths of Nature. They are attuned with the natural realm and all its creatures. Because of their devotion they have been allowed to call upon the forces of Nature - plant, animal, and elemental, to aid them in their efforts. Druids have become known as the guardians of this world, Ateraan.

Druids live a clerical lifestyle, combining the gifts of their faith with research into nature and natural magic. Because of their firm belief in the power of Nature, they are aligned most closely with the Elves.

The guild is located somewhere in the forests of the Kingdom of the Elves of Quolinara as they share the same elven belief in nature.
The Thieves Guild
Although many will claim that this guild exists, you may be hard-pressed to find its members, which seems only appropriate since only a thief could steal into such a guild.
The Assassins Guild
It is rumored that there is a Guild even more secret than the supposed Thieves Guild, known in legend as the Knights of Darkness. These assassins are said to be like ghosts in the night. While some say they exist -- usually those that have perished recently without explanation -- and others believe it just a tale to scare children.

Whatever the case, the Duke has outlawed them so it seems doubtful anyone would proclaim such status or dare to break the law openly.
The Guild of Retter
These famed Knights of the Land are all but extinct in today's society. Once revered as guardians of the faith, now it is rare to even see one. It is well-known that the Old Keep, an ancient academy of study, is still in existence. However, finding it could prove to be a serious quest.

Perhaps, one day these powerful men and women will return under a new leadership. One never knows.