The Kingdom, Politics, Economy, and Religion

The Kingdom of Nordenland is made up of several cities, seaports, and castles. It is surrounded by both enemies to the south, and alliances with the Dwarfs and the Elves to the East. The politics of the Kingdom as well as religion, Justice and Economics are described below.

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The City of Gahlen

Gahlen City was built hundreds of years ago with the help of the Mountain Dwarfs. The city boasts of a small castle housing the Duke of Gahlen, a garrison of city guards, a park, a library, weapons and armour shops, a market, pub, city guilds, and a training grounds for young adventurers to better themselves.

The Guilds in Gahlen are quite powerful. Read the Book of Guilds in this library to gain more informtion on them.

The city proper is guarded by the Duke's garrison, also known at the Fighters Guild. They make it fairly safe for everyone from destructive creatures in the city proper. To find more challenging locations, travel the main roads or trails about the city.

Gahlen also is a small seaport and owns shipyards run by the Merchant Guild. Buying, repairing, and storing ships is controlled by this guild.

The Justice System

The Justice system is controlled mainly by the Duke. However, the Duke has assigned Judges and Marshals to handle crime and punishment. The Marshals rely heavily on the Fighters Guild for support and for apprehending criminalsfor questioning and judgement.

It is worthy to note that a Marshal has the ability to arrest, detain, and bring in for questioning a suspected criminal. Some people have claimed that the Marshals are empowered beyond the knowledge of the Duke. This claim has tangible implications, when some offenders have called to compatriots to help free them during their arrest. This has brought up some controversy over the safety of the Marshals. To this day, however, the Fighters Guild maintains they protect the Marshals adequately.

The Courthouse and Marshal's office reside just inside the Castle. Anyone can go by and see a Marshal or Judge if they are in their offices or watch a court proceeding.

Gahlen City is rich with the bloodlines of rulers over the centuries. The King of Nordenland resides west in Surik, and has a duke of his choosing, to command affairs in his cities. Gahlen, though not the largest, is certainly a well-known city, being the city most notably exposed to the threats of the Southland and the Clans that war there. The Duke of Gahlen is a fair but tough man because of his proximity to the Southlands.

The city is ruled by his garrison, and the Justice system is swift and iron-fisted. Law-breaking is not tolerated and those who dishonor or go against the crown find themselves in shackles or in a grave. Read the Book of Justice for more information on the Justice System and the Marshals.

The political arena in Nordenland is one dominated by monarchy. Although Guild Leaders tend to hold much voice in the Magistrate, many deals are cut under the table. Some even believe that there are politicians cooperating with enemies of the crown. To the east and north of the Kingdom are the Nations of the Dwarves and Elves, both of which send emissaries to Nordenland. South and southeast are the Southlands which are in political unrest.

The Canon of Religion
The entire world's religious system for the most part stems from a history that dates back several millennia. Historians note that in the beginning of all Time, the powers of Light and Darkness warred openly in the heavens in a struggle of epic proportions. The battle raged in fury, releasing power and majesty beyond any mortal's comprehension, sending bolts of brilliant light through the stars. Streaks of color so dazzling one can scarcely imagine careened through the sky, while shearing globes of utter darkness ripped at the very fabric of the universe. Astonishing beyond belief, the battle raged - within it, substance of both good and evil collided into the planets.

It is written that thousands of years after the mighty struggle had finally ended, the forces of Light prevailed and substance of both Light and Dark fell to the world known as Ateraan, in tiny fragments from a war too impossible to imagine. From the light emerged a being known only as the Holder of Light.

It is speculated that as fragments of darkness fell to the world, another being rose up from the darkness. The name attached to this being was uttered as Dahkoar, from the Ancient Suden tongue meaning "everlasting darkness." Over the years, the people of Nordenland came to believe that this darkness being originated in the Southlands. People from all nations follow both paths of Light and Darkness, each seeking to further their own cause.

Many refer to these powers as Gods and as such a definite belief of the three forces of the higher plane has emerged in the form of Waylumi, Dahkoar, and Nature.

Waylumi has been described as being female in gender and her tenets have been more closely ascribed to love and tenderness, truth and honor, and the embodiment of kindness and compassion. While some may subscribe this to weakness or pacifism, our scribes have noted that this is not the case and the followers of Waylumi have been historically as adamant about their defense of the light as any other religion.

Dahkoar has been described as being male in gender and his tenets have been those of power and position over love and kindness, more closely holding to the results of actions rather than whether the action itself is considered right or wrong. The thought that the ends justify the means has been a long held belief of the Dahkoar.

Nature is the essence of the world Ateraan. Those who seek to guard the world draw from the power of its presence. Believed to be neither God nor Goddess, Ateraan simply exists and some believe it exists as a sentient being embodied in the world of Ateraan. Those of the religion of Nature focus on preserving the world in which they live.

These three religions have been the inspiration to several others that range from passive to the overzealous, giving rise to every form of God and Goddess. The truth of such claims is anyone's guess. The Duke of Gahlen and other towns in Nordenland appease the zealots by allowing such religions to spring up without much resistance. Moreover, strange and even wicked beliefs have been found in the Southlands.

Economy and the Merchants
The Northland and therefore the Kingdom's economy is not simply controlled by the Nobility, but rather is managed for the most part by the Merchant's Guild. This began about a century after the establishment of commerce to the multitude of cities in the Kingdom and trade between the other nations, namely the Dwarf and Elf Nations.

Although this practice has strengthened the commerce of the Kingdom, many Nobles fear that the continuance of such power held by the Merchant Guild will one day cause war between the nobility and the Guild. While most do not subscribe to this mindset, there is some validity as several conflicts have arisen in the past when the guild has forced the hand of a duke or earl when a member merchant has fallen on their bad graces.

The merchants have established trading routes, farmlands, shipping lanes and caravanseries to allow for product, food, weapons, and armour, to be delivered throughout the Kingdom and to the other nations. Becoming involved in assisting the merchants in commerce has led to the rise in many a persons ability to prosper in the land.

The Shipyards

Gahlen City has a small, albeit adequate shipping yard that is controlled and administered by the Merchant Guild. Ships of all sizes and uses can be purchased, repaired and stored at the shipping yards.

The Merchant Guild has made it well-known that these ship yards have cost the guild significantly, and the usage and storage of small boats, yachts, and even large warfaring ships comes at a heavy price.It should be noted that the Duke supports the Merchant Guild in this important and financially stimulative endeavor.
Visit the shipyards or find a merchant to learn more about what they offer.

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