The History of the Races on New Worlds
The Races come from long backgrounds and ancient records written millennia ago.

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New Worlds


The Nymphs
Nymphs could be considered the most magical of the races, having been brought into existence by magic itself. Nymphs stem from a number of backgrounds: some make the forests their home, others come from the ocean, while still others claim a history from the mountains or plains.

To live as a nymph is to never fully comprehend the life of humans, or other creatures not affiliated to nature or magic. Nymphs' closest affections tend to be toward elves, for their lifespan and understanding of magic are in sync with their own. Centaurs seem too proud and large of stature for their liking, and Gnomes seem too sneaky.

Nymphs have no preference for religions. Some seek that of dark, while others look towards the light. One thing common to all nymphs is their proclivity toward mischief and playfulness. While not all nymphs are beautiful, this naturally playful attitude gives them a mystique that is lovely in its revelation.

The Lykos
Lykos are strong creatures most resembling wolves in appearance. Having come from a mix of elf and wolf back during the dark ages, the Lykos have power and cunning, and also understand a small bit of magic.

Even though Lykos were once part elf, they dislike the elven nation, if for no other reason than the fact that the elves prosper while their own landholdings are all but non-existent.

Lykos are loners, having lost the capacity to form hierarchical units, and no such racial community is known in the lands. Lykos' only true companions are the Felines, who understand the plight and lifestyle of the Lykos. Although, to both the Felines and Lykos, this affection and comraderie is a closely-kept secret, and both races adamantly deny any affiliation.

The Feline
Felines are humanoids, but have the sensuality, look, and grace of a cat. The feline's race came about when a mountain lion was born with magic abilities and the power of intelligent thought. Some have attributed this to the Great Chaotic War, but others say it was from stray magic of a powerful conflict between rival mages.

Whatever the reason, the Feline race flourished for a time just south of the Elven nation, in deep jungles. In past years, the Lykos rivalled the Felines and war was constant, but it is known now that as both races have diminished in numbers, they tend to hold to each other in an effort to avoid extinction.

Felines do not trust humans, dwarfs, gnomes, and elfs. To a larger extent, they appreciate their Lykos counterparts, Centaurs, and Nymphs. Though, the affection between Lykos and Feline is a sensitive and secretive one which they constantly deny.

The Humans
Humans are by far the most diverse race in the world. So much so that its no wonder most races do not trust them. Where most races have a more clear purpose, humanity tends to be self-serving, allying themselves with whomever is most convenient. This is, of course, not true for all humans, which is why races do not shun them completely. Humans tend to be motivated by greed and power, usually stepping on anything that gets in the way, except for those few humans who remain true and benevolent.

Humans associate themselves with all races in some form or another. They are also war-like, and have sacked and pillaged villages and towns. Nonetheless, Humans are very well adapted to do any sort of task in various professions, and this is what has kept them alive for years uncounted.

Humans can be tall or short, weak or strong. They can see in what we would call normal light levels. Magical abilities are rarely found in humans, and great power in such only comes after much training.

The Dwarfs
Tough, stocky, and stubborn, the Dwarves mine their gems in underground caverns. Gold is most precious to them, and many a dwarf has gone mad for the lust of it. Apart from their weakness for wealth, Dwarves are a most noble race. They stand a couple feet shorter than most humans, but are as tough as nails. Most dwarfs wear beards, and even some of the women have been known to sport a nice beard.

The Dwarven Nation is found in the Northern Mountains, since they run the mining there. While not as large as the nation of Elves and Humans, Dwarves have their own King and sovereignty.

Dwarves are sturdier and stronger than humans, with their thick muscles and tough bones, and their long life-spans give them extra wisdom of how the world works. Unfortunately, their size makes them less agile, and their lust for great wealth sometimes clouds their vision. A Dwarf's eyes may begin to hurt under bright light, but they tend to see more in the darkness than humans.
Dwarves do not have any known enemies other than ones that stand in the way of their lust for wealth.


The Gnomes
The cave-dwelling Gnome prefers darkness to light. This does not reflect their good-natured disposition, though. Shorter than dwarves, the gnome dwells deep in cave-cities, pursuing his interest in the acquisition of all forms of knowledge. Lust for gold is not in a gnome's heart; just a desire for a deeper understanding of the world.

Although they resemble small dwarfs, the gnome has a shorter beard, and a very pronounced nose. Gnomes are inclined to dabble with magic, and their life-span gives them ample time to pursue their art.

Gnomes have a natural dislike for other races, but tend to like and engage in long debates with Dwarfs. Gnomes also enjoy the intelligence found in Centaurs. Nymphs aggravate them because of the need of Nymphs to be playful instead of thoughtful.

The Gnome is sharp-witted and clever, and their relationship to the earth makes them hardy and durable. Unfortunately, their height and lack of muscle bulk make them avoid professions that rely on combat. Gnomes see very well in the dark, but bright lights make them squint, spoiling their vision.

The Elfs
Elfs have by far the longest lifespan of all the races in the world. Some believe they lived prior to the Chaotic Battle and assisted the High Powers in that fight. While this is unsubstantiated, the Elven Nation is second in power only to the Humans.

Elfs are witty, and adept in magic that is more inherent than learned. They are generally artistic, and historians by nature. They do not share the same craving for war as their human counterparts.

Elfs are bound to nature, believing that all things must come from nature and one day return to the same. They are adamant in their care for the land.

Elves have good dealings with Humans, Gnomes, Dwarves, and Nymphs, but tend to have a moderate dislike of the other animal-type races, thinking that these creatures came about from unnatural causes.

The Centaur
It is believed that Centaurs are the result of some crazed magician from ancient times, although the Centaur will shrug off such speculation as the musings of fools. They believe that their race was one of the first, and that splinters off that race became the horse and the human. While conjecture about this is debatable, the intelligence of the Centaur makes it seem likely.

Centaur are powerful and wise, living long lives and having strength unrivaled by the other races. They dislike nymphs for their immaturity, and humans and dwarves except ones that are intelligent. They have no other thoughts about the other races, except they respect the elves for their longevity.

Centaurs are even more judicious in their accounts of history than the elfs, taking delight in the passage and origins of the world.


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