The Sudenland, Politics, Economy, and Religion

The Sudenland is made up of numerous clan like city states controlled by city Governors and clan Leaders. These sometimes aggressive and oftentimes battling warriors protect themselves by compactual agreements with neighboring clans and governments. The most notable clan Leader is the Warlord who has built the massive Fortress in the middle of Sudenland establishing himself as a preemptive King of the South. Most clans and cities have fallen under the Warlord's reign either through free alignment or coercive control.

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The City State of Darmahk

One of the last and most powerful city states still under its own control is the Towne of Darmahk, on the south side of the Jempek desert and the Southern Mountain Range.

Darmahk Towne and its citizens are not at war presently with anyone. The Overseer recognizes the Warlord of the South as the most powerful Clan Chief in Sudenland, but he is still leery of fully joining forces with the Warlord and pays an annual tribute in appeasement.

The Justice System

The Overseer of Darmahk runs the town with an iron fist and will kill serfs who dare look upon him with anything but respect or fear. He has been known to kill or enslave someone as an example of his control. A warning to all who come here: learn humility and pay respect to the Overseer or live a short life.

Enforcement of Justice and protection of the town is given to the city militia. The militia is made up of soldiers of all guilds and races who have joined to enforce the will of the Overseer.

Justice is normally swift and harsh after a cursory review by the leaders of the Militia. On rare occasions a hearing is called and rarer still is a member of the Overseer's household or the Overseer himself involved in a hearing.

Because of its unique location, Darmahk is far enough away from the Warlord to have its own freedom. It is situated next to the sea port of Pirshah, north of the Empire of Pirshasia, and south of the great mountain range. Because of this, the city state has high walls and a constant feeling of distrust of outsiders.

Dahkoar, the religion of the South
The entire world's religious system for the most part stems from a history that dates back several millennia. Historians note that in the beginning of all Time, the powers of Light and Darkness warred openly in the heavens in a struggle of epic proportions. The battle raged in fury, releasing power and majesty beyond any mortal's comprehension, sending bolts of brilliant light through the stars. Streaks of color so dazzling one can scarcely imagine careened through the sky, while shearing globes of utter darkness ripped at the very fabric of the universe. Astonishing beyond belief, the battle raged - within it, substance of both good and evil collided into the planets.

While all religions have sanctuaries in or near Darmahk, the main religion is that of Dahkoar with a Temple in the heart of the city. Dahkoar has been described as being male in gender and his tenets have been those of power and position over love and kindness, more closely holding to the results of actions rather than whether the action itself is considered right or wrong. The thought that the ends justify the means has been a long held belief of the Dahkoar.

Servitude, Conscripts and Slavery

Serfdom and Servitude. New arrivals in Darmahk have no rights whatsoever. This means they also do not have the right to vaults, jobs, or the right to leave the town without specific permission. The life of a Serf is that of servitude to the Palace, Militia, or as a Slave. Strangely enough, it is believed that even the Gods do not give the Serfs of Darmahk any thought, for traditionally a Serf that has perished has never returned from the land of the dead.

Do not form alliance and begin in Sudenland if you feel in anyway that you cannot handle the harsh life there. There is no fairness or freedom in Sudenland, except for that which you make for yourself. You may be enslaved or killed or pressed into service just because of the way you look.

It is strongly recommended that you start in the Kingdom if you have not played New Worlds before. Complaints about fairness coming from players who start in Sudenland will fall on deaf ears.

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