Ateraan Con 2023

Carnival Cruise Ship Liberty

January 9, 2023


We are going on a Cruise for the next Ateraan Convention!


Cost: $380.00 to $900.00 for 5 days. This is dependent on your room and occupants.


Payment: A deposit of $150 per person ($300 per room) is required by July 1, 2021. Final payments for any costs are due by September 30th, 2022 if going through Ateraan.


Donations: Starting after January 1, 2021 deposits and payments will be made via donation to Ateraan. You will get all the rewards for this donation. If you are going to donate anyway why not get a cruise ticket too!


Location: Leave from Port Canaveral, Florida on January 9th, 2023 and travel to the Bahamas.  Party Sunday night, January 8th, at the Ateraan Resort paid for by Ateraan (free night stay).


Flight: Find a cheap flight 9 to 3 months prior to the event on your favorite airline or caravan.


Assistance: Amber the Staff Member is our Tour Guide. She can help you via email, game mail, otells or Facebook with questions or booking.


This is going to be a ton of fun we hope everyone can come! If you are bringing friends or family that’s fine just let Amber know and keep the donation name as your character as described in the detailed information.


We are so excited to see you all there!


Itinerary:  January 9, 2023 through January 13, 2023


Port of Call




Port Canaveral, FL


3:30 pm


Nassau, The Bahamas

10:00 am

6:00 pm


Princess Cay, The Bahamas

8:00 am

5:00 pm


Day at Sea




Port Canaveral, FL

8:00 am



Interior Room:


Cruise, Tax, Fee



Insurance **












Oceanview Room:


Cruise, Tax, Fee



Insurance **












Balcony Room:


Cruise, Tax, Fee



Insurance **












Due Dates:


Due Date

Payable To

Deposit of $300 per room ***

July 1, 2021

Ateraan Donation

Optional Insurance

September 30,2022

Ateraan Donation

Full Balance of Cruise

September 30, 2022

Ateraan Donation

Last chance final payment

October 26, 2022

Carnival Cruise Lines

Room Amenities

January 8, 2023

Carnival Cruise Lines


Most rooms can have more than 2 people. Contact Amber for additional information.


*Occupancy means the number of people in your room on the ship. Cruises prefer to have a minimum of two people per room. However, if you want a room to yourself, you will follow the Single rate.  If you are sharing a room with one other person, you will each pay the Double rate. Cruise rates are all per person, NOT per cabin.


**Optional Travel insurance can be purchased for the above price and will cover cancellations made after October 26, 2022. This is not needed prior to October 26, 2022.


***Deposits are $300 per room. This means if you are getting your own room, you need to pay the full deposit. If you are sharing a room with one other person, each person needs a $150 deposit. Rooms will not be assigned until the deposit is paid in full.


Drink Plans:


Water, milk, coffee, tea, and lemonade are included in the cruise price. Sodas (Pepsi products) and alcoholic beverages are a separate purchase. They can be purchased as you order, or you can purchase a plan beforehand. Once your deposit is paid, you can sign into your account and purchase the following plans on your own:


            Bottomless Bubbles Soda Program                $40.12

            Cheers Beverage Program (Alcohol)              $259.32


If purchasing the Cheers program, everyone 21+ years of age in your cabin must purchase it. The Cheers program covers 15 alcoholic drinks per day (on ship only).The price does go up if you do not purchase before sailing. The above amounts are for the full length of the cruise.


Internet Plans:


There are three different internet plans available while on the ship. These range from $20 to $60 for the whole time on the ship. You can purchase this prior to booking or while on the ship. Ateraan may pay for a portion of this.


VIFP Carnival Cruise Club:


Go to and sign up for a VIFP number. Be sure to enter this number on the information form you will receive once the deposit is paid so that you will be able to login and review your booking.




Residents of the United States must have state issued identification at the very least. Passports are not required for U.S. citizens. Anyone outside of the United States must have a passport and may need a visa as well. To apply for a visa or see if you need one, please go to: - Do not delay, apply for your visa as soon as possible to avoid any problems. If you require an official letter from Ateraan detailing the information for travel, please contact staff.


Florida Arrival Plans with Ateraan:


Ateraan is planning to book a large house/multiple hotel rooms (at our cost) in Port Canaveral for everyone to stay Sunday night. You should prepare to join everyone Sunday for a party!


Travel Information:


If you are flying, you will need to arrange your own flight to Orlando, FL. We suggest doing this by arriving Sunday at the latest (day before the cruise) and departing Friday night at the soonest (day the cruise returns to Port Canaveral). There is a shuttle that will go from Orlando airport to Port Canaveral for $40 round trip. Assistance/more information will be available closer to the cruise date. You will need to arrange for your own lodgings if you stay for additional dates outside of the Sunday pre-cruise party and the cruise itself.




You are more than welcome to find your own roommate for the cruise. If you are willing to have a roommate and you do not care who it is, please let Amber know. They will keep a list of those looking for roommates and will try to help in pairing people up.


Family and Friends outside of the game:


We understand that it may not be feasible to go on a Cruise without your family or that you may feel more comfortable with someone you are close with joining you. If that is your case, they are more than welcome to come. It is highly encouraged that you show them Ateraan and invite them to create a character! Know, however, that there may be some benefits that are for players only (such as the Sunday night lodging). If you are bringing someone from outside of the game, please let Amber know so we can plan accordingly.




Once you have paid the initial deposit of $300 per room (this can be done in stages but must be paid by July 1, 2021) and completed the form that will be emailed to you, you will receive a booking number. This will allow you to sign into the cruise on and add additional amenities, explore the ship, check out available shore excursions and double check all your information. Remember that you want to make all payments for the trip itself through Ateraan Donations though so that you can receive additional, in-game perks! If you have already created an account on Carnival and provided Ateraan with your VIFP number on the form, your cruise should automatically show on that account by the time we give you your booking number.


Final Payment:


Ateraan will be accepting payments for the Cruise until September 30, 2022. We encourage all balances to be paid in full by this date. Any payments made after will need to be made to Carnival Cruise directly by October 26, 2022. If you do not pay your room in full by those dates or if you do not notify Ateraan of your cancellation, your payments may be forfeit.


Additional Financial Information:


Each person will be required to enter a credit card to Carnival Cruise Lines prior to sailing or provide them with a $200 per person cash deposit (amount subject to change) at time of sailing. This is strictly to pay for any additional purchases made on the cruise. Your room key will act as a credit card and will be tied to the credit card/cash deposit. Additional purchases could include drinks, gambling at the casino, shopping in any of the gift shops or candy store, specialty food purchases, etc. Keep in mind that you do not have to purchase anything additional unless you want to, but they do require at least a credit card on file for incidentals.


There will be two ports-of-call in the Bahamas that we will be going to. If you choose to leave the ship at these ports (it is not required), you will need to bring additional money for anything you may wish to buy at these ports, including food and beverages. Again, this is completely optional, but if you do want to get off the ship, be prepared.


You are responsible for your own transportation to and from Florida. Whether you uber from New York or fly from Malaysia, you will need to pay for your travel arrangements. If you decide to arrive a couple of days early or stay a couple of days after, that is your choice and, again, your financial responsibility. If you need any assistance in making these arrangements, please contact Amber. It is best to make these arrangements within 9 to 3 months of the sail date so please plan accordingly.


Additional Cruise Questions:


If you have any questions about the cruise, such as what you should take, what you can take, what you cannot take, accessibility information, documentation needed, etc. please explore Carnival Cruise’s website at Most answers to your questions can be found there. You can also search for cruise hacks on pinterest or blogs to get recommendations on what to take and what you can expect. Also, our chat channel is a great place for any random questions or discussions regarding Ateraan Con so tune in whenever you want to talk about our trip!


How to Pay:


Beginning January 1, 2021, we will accept payments toward Ateraan Con 2023. Go to and select donations. You will enter your character name and the word Cruise. Example: Amber – Cruise. Then enter the amount you want to pay. You can pay any amount and it will not only go to your cruise, but it will also register as an in-game donation and come with those perks (help signet)!As soon as you make the donation, you must mail Amberin game with the payment amount, real life name of who the payment is for and your email address. If you are applying payments to different characters for the same person, please state so in the in-game mail.




We understand that the cruise is quite a bit in the future and that life has a way of changing things. If you are unable to go on the cruise and cancel, you will be eligible for a refund. Due to your payments counting as donations, the initial $150 deposit per person (or $300 deposit per room) is non-refundable. Any additional payment made above the deposit that is eligible for a refund by Carnival Cruise Lines and we will work out a refund to you accordingly.


Gift Cruise Fund:


Several people have made mention of wanting to help others who may not be able to afford to go. If this is you, you can help others by donating for them directly, again using their name and the words Cruise Gift. Example: Amber – Cruise Gift. This way if they are unable to go, we will apply that payment to others in need. For any further information on this, please contact Amber directly.


Important Links:


Cruise line:


Ship Information:


International Visa Information:


Where to make payments:


Sum of Perks:


This was a lot of information, so let us just sum up all the perks!


1.      All Cruise payments will count as a donation for your specific character!

2.      Special gifts from Ateraan!

3.      Sunday Night Pre-Cruise Party!

4.      Paid accommodations Sunday night!

5.      Additional on-board perks from Carnival Cruise Line (if available).


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Amber!

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