New Worlds Ateraan is FREE to play. Donating is a method to show your appreciation for the game and help maintain the quality and support necessary for an online torg of this size. The Administration and players thank you for your support and help.

Because donating is optional it is required to read this disclaimer prior to donating to ensure you understand there are no warranties, commitments or refunds implied or guaranteed with donating.

Character Name (Include - Con if paying for AteraanCon)
Amount (Min. $10.00 with no $ sign. 10, 25, 100, etc.)


ATERAAN CON: January 1st, 2024 through August 1st, 2024 you can make payments for a ticket to the con. Click the Ateraan Con link or read help ateraancon for more information. You may also make payments for a friend. The disclaimer does apply.

IMPORTANT: You MUST include the word CON with the character name in order to have the donation added to you con payment. Example: Andrew - CON

CON2024: Donations for CON2024 are available after January 1, 2024. Read help ateraancon for more information. You can also find information here.
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