What is a TORG?
Text Only Roleplaying Game

Have you ever read a book and then went to a movie that was based on the book only to find it disappointing and nothing of what you thought it should be? A TORG is like reading a book where you are one of the key characters and your imagination provides the images described to you in rich detail in the game.

Players of TORGs believe that true intensive roleplay can only be found on fully descriptive text only roleplaying games. Games like World of Warcraft, Runescape, and Ultima Online (GORGs for short) are enjoyable and have fantastic graphics and sound, but just cannot create the imaginative, intense, and quality environment where you actually become your character and interact in ways undreamed of in these singular dimensional games.

So to put is simply, a GORG or MMORPG is like a movie with all the digital sound, SFX, and CGI, and a TORG is like a book with all the detailed description, indepth character involvement, and imaginative prose that allows you to be creative in your selection of imagery. TORGs are also referred to as MUDs or Multi User Dungeons, however, we prefer the term TORG as any Text or Graphic game could be a Multi User Dungeon and it is important to differentiate these two genres.

So, if you have ever been lost in a great book and want that real feeling of being involved in an incredible fantasy world unlike any you have ever known, follow the this link to the basic tutorial on how to play New Worlds Ateraan, one of the best TORGs in the world.

New Player Tutorial

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