This tutorial assumes you are new to Text Only Roleplaying Games (TORGs or MUDs) and will teach you how to log in and play New Worlds Ateraan while instructing you on the most important commands of the game for a good first experience.

Choosing a Game Client

Several different easily usable game clients are available. The simplest is the online Java client found on this website, however it has the least number of options.

We will be using screen shots from the online Java client as it is the one most often chosen by brand new players. Click on the screen shots for a larger version.

If you are a blind player you can get extra information and items here: Blind Players Union

Logging On
Click on following link and it will open up the online Java game client: Browser Game Client

There are other game clients from the game link if this isn't your preference. Game Clients

Screen Shots
Logon Screen
This is the first screen you will see when you connect. Here you will type in a character name. This should be a name you make up that is not part of another game, book, movie, fantasy name, or dictionary word. Names like Gandolph, Lisa, Dagger, or King are not allowed.

For this example, we will use the name jerahm in our tutorial screens. You should choose another name. After you enter your name you will be asked to verify that your name follows the rules. If it does, enter yes if it does not enter no and choose a different name.

TORGs work as scrolling screens so everything that happens will slowly scroll up your screen. It is important to follow what is last on your screen during creation. In this case you should be asked your password and then your choice of gender. You will choose male or female.
New Player Screen
The next screen is short and will ask you if you are new to online text games. Type "new" and press enter.

On this screen you are told about the tutorial and the reasons for going through the tutorial if you are new. This is especially important if you are new to TORGs. Read the information here then type "start" to begin the tutorial.

After you start the tutorial you can type "finish" at anytime to exit the tutorial and come back to this screen. The next screens will take you through the tutorial and instruct you on the most important commands of the game.
Tutorial Hall
Tutorial Hall - Start Location
This is your starting location in the tutorial. This is the text that you will see anytime you type "start" within the tutorial or within creation. As you read the description here you will learn the beginning style of how the game operates.

This screen talks about how the game is setup as "rooms" and how the game scrolls as things happen and you move around in the game. This will all become obvious as you travel through the tutorial.

Read what is on the screen and when you are ready type "south" and you will be taken to the next instructional screen.
Tutorial Hall - Movement
The first commands you learn in the game are for movement. You should think of your character as standing in a room in a building, in a yard, on the street, in mountains, or on the beach at a lake. All of these locations and more are found in the game and each location will have a title and description as well as exits.

The exits are normally compass style like north, south, east, west. This room has four exits: north, east, south, and up. South leads to the next tutorial room. East and up are practice rooms.

All commands in the game should be lowercase so to practice moving type "up" and then "down" to see how you can move in and out of a room. You can also type "east" and then "west" to see another sample room.

When you are ready type south and enter the next tutorial room.
Tutorial Hall - The Look Command
Rooms, other characters, and items in the game are all viewed and described by using the look command. Typing "look" will show you the description of the room you are in. Typing look will show you the description of any item, whether it be something your character has or something in the room.

The room to the east is a practice room to show you how to look at items in a room and even look at yourself. Later in creation you will be able to change what you look like and other players will be able to see these changed.

Type "east" and you will be be instructed on how to look at items and also what happens when you look at things.
Watch Tower - Sleeping Quarters
This room is a sample of a room that is actually in the game. It has many items in it that you can look at by typing look and the item name. For example type "look table" and you will see a description of a table in the room.

Read the room description and select some items you might think are described more fully and look at them. Just type "look" by itself and you will see the room description again.

Another short way to type look is just by using the letter L and typing that alone or with an item name like this: l table or l bed.

Type "west" and you will be taken back into the room that describes the look command. Type "south" and you will go into the next tutorial room.
Tutorial Hall - Senses
Along with the look command you also have four other commands that make up your senses: feel, smell, taste, and listen.

Another room to test these senses has been setup to the east. If you type "east" you can go into this room and practice using your senses commands.

It is important to note that the tutorial hall can be traveled however you want and is north and south in structure. So if you want to go back to a room you've been in you may do so. You can also type "start" to return to the beginning or "finish" to be transferred back to creation.
Flower Garden of the Duchess
This is another room that is actually in the game. In this room you can practice using the senses commands of feel, smell, taste, and listen.

Try typing "smell" by itself and you will be given the description of what your character would smell. From that you can touch or feel one of the flowers.

Practice this and when you are done type "west" to go back to the senses description room and "south" to continue on the tutorial.
Tutorial Hall - Help Files
The bulk of information on commands in the game and how to do things are in the help files resident on the game itself. These help files show syntax and describe how to do things related to that command or action.

This screen (or room) describes how to use the help file system and read help files. You can cross reference help files by looking at what files they relate to. The most basic list of help files is help general. You can type "help general" and see a list of the most common commands.

To see an entire list of every help file in the game you can type: helplist.
Tutorial Hall - Communication
This room will tell you how to communicate in the game with your character. The most common command is the say command. Read the help files listed in this room to get a better understanding of these commands.

If you go east you will meet a guard there. You can look at him and communicate with him. Most other characters in the game, either players or NPCs (non playing characters like monsters) are similar in how you look at them and talk to them.
Tutorial Hall - Communication Example
NPCs, a guard in this case, can sometimes answer questions. Type "help ask" and ask the guard a question as it shows in the instructions on this screen. Not all NPCs will talk to you, but this guard is setup to do so.

When he answers you, use one of the words from the answer and ask him about that. This is the way you use the ask command. You can also type "look guard" and see what he is wearing and what he looks like, even if he has coins or not.

When you are done practicing with the say and ask commands go back east and continue the tour.
Tutorial Hall - Channels
Channels are methods of talking to the entire playerbase of the game or groups of players within the game. Some channels are for your character to interact in the game and others are specifically for help or out of character discussion.

The large help file called help channels explains all of the channels, how you talk on them, and who has access to them. For the purposes of this tutorial we will focus on one of the channels that will help you. It is the tutorial channel.

Type "look" and follow the instructions on the screen for how to talk on the tutorial channel. Only players in the tutorial, staff, and guides in the game have access to this channel.
Tutorial Hall - Emotes
Roleplaying is what New Worlds Ateraan is all about and this screen describes one of the most fun and exciting parts of roleplay in the game. That is the use of emotional actions you character can utilize called emotes.

Follow the directions and read the help files: help emote, help omote, and help pmote. Practice these commands to prepare you to roleplay with other players in the game.

This screen also reminds you that you can go back north if you want to read screens that you might have forgotten or missed or type start to jump to the beginning or type finish to conclude the tutorial.
Tutorial Hall - Equipment
Equipment is defined as clothing, armour, weapons, and items that you might carry around. Instruction here will explain to you how to use equipment that you acquire while in the game.

Read the help files suggested and then go east into the training room and you will be able to obtain some equipment that you can practice with.
Tutorial Hall - Equipment Example
Basically you just type "helpme" and you will be given some weapons and armour. Use the commands shown on this screen and you will learn how to wear and wield your armour and weapons.

In this game armour and weapons are of varying types and strength and the only way to find out how good they are is through testing and talking to other players who may have skills or knowledge about the weapons and armour.
Tutorial Hall - Transactions
As described previously, you will find equipment all around the game. You will also be able to buy things and sell them. Especially items you find as this is one method to earn coins.

This screen describes money and how to buy and sell. If you go to the east you will meet a merchant who will buy and sell to you.

To be clear there are literally hundreds of ways to earn coins in the game from fishing to caravans to deep sea adventures, but in the end many times you will need to know how to buy and sell things you find on these high adventures.
Tutorial Hall - Transaction Shoppe
In this room there is a merchant that you can talk to with the ask command. There is also a sign that shows you how to buy and sell items.

First, type "helpme" and you will be given some coins to buy items. Practice buying and selling as you will use this a lot in the game.
Tutorial Hall - Healing
Your character will automatically heal when hurt, however, there are other ways to heal faster. Sometimes you will need more energy or endurance or health and waiting to get it isn't practical.

In this case you can eat food, drink potions, or use other items to heal yourself. Read this room description and directions then go east to get some items to practice with.

It will help tremendously in combat to learn how to heal yourself quickly.
Tutorial Hall - Healing Training
Learn to eat food and drink potions in this room as it will help you in combat. After you type "helpme" and get some food and potions, type "damage" and you will lose some health.

Practice the commands of eat and drink after you have typed damage and using the hp command see how you are healed.
Tutorial Hall - Powers
When you finish creation you will have a few powers and skills based on your race and background. You will learn more powers and skills when you join a guild.

The room to the east is a training room to show you how to use your powers and a special command called "inf" that is used for all powers and skills.

The inf command describes a power and the syntax to use it. It also describes a skill. Go east and you will learn more about powers and skills and the inf command.
Tutorial Hall - Powers Training
Type "helpme" and you will be give two powers. The information on the screen here will teach you how to use the powers you get and how to use the inf command.

Practice the commands on the dummy as described in the room. Once you finish and leave east you will not have the powers anymore, so if you want to come back and practice you can.

There are literally hundreds of powers and numerous skills you can learn in the game so learning how to use them will help you once you finish creation.
Tutorial Hall - Combat
This is the last tutorial room you will be in prior to finishing and going back into creation. Learning how to battle and engage in combat is very important in the game.

If you don't feel ready for this and want to practice healing, equiping, or using powers, just go north to those rooms and practice some more.

The training room to the east is very safe and your character will be fine as you practice combat.
Tutorial Hall - Combat Training
Type "helpme" and you will be setup for combat. Make sure you type "equip" and then type "i" so you know what gear, food, and potions you have for your practice battle.

You will also have the same two powers you had in the powers training room. You can use those powers on the trainer if you want.

You can fight the trainer as many times as you like, you will just have to leave the room west and return after each battle.
Tutorial Hall - Finish
The final room in the tutorial you can type finish here and be taken back to the creation hall where you left. You can also type start if you want to jump to the beginning of the tutorial.

If you want to you can roam through the tutorial hall and practice things or learn what you may not have completely understood.

Once you type finish and go back into creation you can type start again from within creation if you want to come back.

Remember, if you need help in the tutorial type "tutorial" and if you need help in creation type "question".

Good Luck and have Fun!
This is your first screen in creation and it is where you will choose the nation your character will start it. By typing "look kingdom" you will get a history on the kingdom. By typing "look southland" you will get a history on Darmahk.

You will need to type "rules" and agree to the rules to continue. If you are new you should start in the kingdom by going north here.

If you need help ask for it on the question channel by typing question and asking anything you want. Example: question I have a question.

When in creation you will see alot of things that are supressed in the tutorial. You will notice rumours and players talking on the question channel.
Race Selection
In this room you will choose a race. Type "look " to get a history on that race. For example: look elf.

After you select a race you will be in a hall similar to the tutorial hall except you can only go north in this hall. Follow the directions in each room just like you did in creation and you will gain more insight to the game and setup your character.

If you ever have questions just use the question command or channel and you will get help from the staff, guides, and other players.

This is the last room we list in this tutorial so now you are on your own.

Enjoy the Game!
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