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New Player Tutorial
New Worlds Ateraan is a Text Only Roleplaying Game, or a TORG which is quite a bit different game than a GORG or MMORPG as they are sometimes referred to. These are World of Warcraft or Runescape type games.

The concepts and reasons why TORGs are very popular and many say are more enjoyable than GORGs are at this link:

What is a TORG?

Playing New Worlds Ateraan is simple. You can play directly online inside your browser by clicking on the PLAY NOW image or one of the links below. Further down are links where you can download a more robust client.

Player Manual

Play Now!
Play Now - Ateraan Web Client
This web client is very basic but good if you are at work or just trying the game. You play directly from your browser and you can change font size, color, background to make the screen appear less "game" like.

Play Now - Flash Client from Portal
Use this link to play from the Text Game Portal using Flash.

Mudlet. Mudlet is a cross-platform, open source, and super fast MUD client with a lot of features like mapping and is fully customizable.

Pocket Mud Pro Iphone Client. If you have an Iphone or Ipad this is the client to use for New Worlds Ateraan. Make sure you get the pro version which is featured for Ateraan and is worth the miniscule cost.

This game client has numerous features and is our sponsored client. It is highly recommended for those that use Jaws or other screen reading software.

TinTin is our featured multi platform client. While slightly more difficult to setup, this is the most versatile of game clients working on Windows, MAC, and Unix Operating Systems.

Another direct game client, telnet works on most computers, but you must enable telnet access in Windows XP and Windows Vista.

GMUD Direct Play
One of the gamers favorites, GMUD, is set up for New Worlds Ateraan. By downloading the four files on the links below you can configure it to run from any computer or even from a thumb drive. If you click the GMUD link above you can directly play by running the game client. This is the easiest client to use.
File 1
File 2
File 3
File 4
How to Direct Play with GMUD: If you are clicking the direct play link above your browser will attempt to run the program. After the program starts do the following:
1. Select File.
2. Select Connect.
3. Click the [Add] button.
4. Type the Name: Ateraan.
5. Click the [OK] button.
6. In the Host Name box type:
4. In the Port box type: 4002
5. Click the [Connect] button.

More about the Game
New Worlds Ateraan is a game loosely based on the book entitled, "The Light of the Path" and can be viewed as a text file in a separate window by clicking the link or image below. Read the Book

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