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Written by Cynna and Tharian
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Here you shall find all the information you need for starting a character, and some basic knowledge of how to play New Worlds. We will try to answer some of our most frequently asked questions here, so that you may fully enjoy your playing experience.

The guide is split up into a number of sections, to make it easier for you to navigate for the required information. The sections are:


Section One

Section Two

Section Three

Section Four

Section Five


- Character Creation

- Getting Started

- Advancing

- Fighting and Adventuring

- Roleplay






Section One - Character creation


The first big step for you is the creation of your character. Take your time in creation and put some thought into what you want your character to be.

The first thing of course being your name, quite an important choice to make. We want your name to be as unique as the character you create, so try not to use anything that would give anyone that meets your character an impression outside of your actions (eg. Sinister or Dwarfkiller) Since we are an enforced roleplaying MUD, there is a certain criteria for the names allowed. You can see rules for the names in game by typing 'help name'.

The basics are that you are not allowed names which consist of nouns, names of famous characters, or modern names. To get some examples, you can type 'who long' to see who is currently logged into New Worlds.

Once you've chosen your name and set your password, you will begin the process of building your character. First you'll need to choose a race. This is fairly simple to do so, the room in which you set your race has the correct syntax and information on all the races you can choose from. The only thing you have to do is decide on which race you wish to roleplay as, what you wish your character to be.

More info on races can be found here



The next stage in creation is your description. this is a fairly important step, for this is what people use to picture your character. There is no set length that a description needs to be, this is a personal preference. However, when writing your description you should bear in mind that while some amount of detail is good, you do not want to have too much. You can imagine that with pages of detail, it would get quite spammy to look at people.

Take your time with writing the description, there is no need to rush. Use the syntax shown inthe room to put it in, look at yourself, see what you think. You can change it as many times as you like in the description room. There is also an In character (IC) method to change your description, so if you aren't entirely happy with it or want to change it after viewing others, this is possible within the game.


Her midnight hair is pulled back into an intricate braid, woven with ribbons in varying shades of the forest. Tiny wildflowers peek playfully from within the dark tresses. Faint starry markings surround enchanting sapphire eyes that shimmer with emotion; soft romance shifts to stormy passion or spirited anger in the space of a heartbeat. Natural elven grace gives her movements a subtly provocative quality.

She has deep ebony hair pulled into an elaborate braid adorned with ribbons and flowers.
She has sapphire eyes that shine with emotion.


Some things to avoid in your description are articles of clothing and anything that tells the observer how they feel about you or things that one couldn't know by looking at you. For example, don't say that your character "looks evil" or "seems well-educated".


After you have your description made, you'll move into the room for your heritage, this room is where you select the background for your character.

The choices are:



These are basically to set what type of past your character had. This will determine which starting skills you receive as well as giving you some basic background RP to work with.


The final stage in character creation is the room where you set your attributes, or stats. Now as we are a roleplaying mud, and that's the main focus of the game, stats aren't really that important.

All you have to do is set the order of the stats, of which you want most. If you wished to roleplay a fast and strong character you'd primarily have strength and dexterity first, or a charming and clever character, you'd have intelligence and charisma first.

As said, the main focus is on roleplaying, so stats aren't the most important aspect of your character, but they will have some influence. You have twenty-five rolls to find one that you like, and the maximum base stat is 18. You can see information on the stats by typing 'help stats' in game.

Section Two - Getting Started


Once you've finished with Character creation and you've entered the actual game, you will want to read over a few help files to help get you started:


help tour -
The tour is HIGHLY recommended to all new players. It teaches you a lot on how to play the game, and generally the person touring helps you get started with equipment and other such things.
help immigrant -
This helpfile will detail everything you need to do to become a Serf
help rules -
There are rules to everything, and New Worlds is no
exception. You'll want to read over this, just so you can see what is allowed and whats not. Please understand that the rules are in place to preserve the integrity of the rp environment, as well as to keep you out of trouble and allow everyone to have fun!









You will enter the game as an Immigrant to the Town of Gahlen, and will be directly to the east of the Immigrant's Guild hall. This is where you go to train, advance in levels and to sleep, until you become a Serf. You may speak on the Immigrant channel by typing: immigrant <your message> ;this channel is an OOC channel just for helping those new to the game.

The training grounds is a great place to go to make experience and coin, necessary for advancing in levels to become a Serf. Once you're a Serf you will be unable to enter.

Once you become a Serf you are able to join one of the proper Guilds in Gahlen, which will require some extensive roleplay.

Commands that you should be aware of as your starting are:

This will show you how much experience you have.

This will show you how much is required for you to level, and underneath how much you still need.


Level 2 Advancement
Advancement will cost you 10000 and 2500 coppers.
You will need 4500 more experience and 1300 more coppers.


This command will show you how much Hit Points (HP) Spell Points (SP) and Endurance Points (EP) you have, the current and total number. (Help HP)

This will show you what you are wielding, wearing, and what you are carrying. It also shows how many things you have in total, and the weight your carrying. (Help Inventory)

This will allow you to see how much money you have, in the bank, in your hand, and your total wealth. (Help Wealth.)


Your money in coppers:
Bank Wealth : 100
Carried Wealth : 250
Total Wealth : 350

This command allows you to see all the people that your character knows, or has been introduced to. (Help Who)
who long
This is the command that will show you all of the players that are online, not just the ones you know. (Help who)
Typing this will give you a list of all the skills your character has. Skills are really important as they effect the strength of your powers. (Help skills)
With this you will get a list of all the powers you have currently and able to use. (Help commands)
The powers command gives you a list of all the powers you will learn, by level. (Help powers)
Using the inf command you are able to get information on your skills, and your powers. (Help inf)
This command will show you how long left until you receive your playerbonus. And how long left til you can give a playerbonus to someone. Though you are unable to until you're a serf. (Help playerbonus)


Another good source of information is help general. From there you will be able to get a good list of help files which will more often than not, lead you to the answers to any questions you may have. So its a good place to look if your stuck, but never be afraid to ask any questions on the immigrant channel.

Section Three - Advancing


Advancing or Leveling in New Worlds requires two things, money and experience points. You can gain these by roleplaying, as well as by hunting or fighting.

Once you have the coins and experience you need to level (when you type 'level' you will see a message that says "You are ready to advance!"), you can advance at your guild hall. The correct syntax is posted on a sign in the guild hall to help you remember. A few handy tips: your coin needs to be in the bank for you to advance, and you will need to be at least one experience above the required amount.

For example:

If you need 20000 experience and 5000 coppers to level. You would need to have 20001 experience, and have 5000 coppers deposited in the bank.

Advancing in Levels is useful and will gain you HP, SP, and EP while an immigrant, and later new powers as well, once you have joined a guild. Remember that training your skills is also important, as they effect how efficient your powers are. (help skills)

Section Four - Fighting and Adventuring


Adventuring throughout the world is always fun, and always a challenge. To do so efficiently, you need to know a few things, especially for when your travelling with others.

When fighting you'll get your health prompt each round, obviously the most important one to watch is your HP, since when that reaches zero, you'll die. Your SP is how much energy you have to use powers. You can also bring the prompt up manually, by typing hp, which is sometimes needed in busy fights. (help hp)

A very important factor to remember about fighting is that eating food will heal you not only HP, but SP and EP as well. Use it when you're in need, to keep yourself alive. (help eat)

On New Worlds, we do not have a grouping, or partying system. If you wish to hunt with someone, one of you will have to follow the other (help follow). Unless the creature is an aggressive one, you will all have to attack manually to join the fight; the experience will be divided equally among those fighting the creature before it dies. Any coins dropped are there for you to split manually, for roleplay reasons.

Sometimes someone you are hunting with isn't quite as good as handling the hits as you are, which is why it is possible to protect someone (help protect). What basically happens is you will defend them from the normal hits of the creature, and take the damage yourself. Though if direct hits are used, such as special attacks, they will still effect the person you are protecting. While protecting someone is a very useful technique at times, but you must be cautious with it so as not to get yourself killed.

Some useful commands for you to know for when your adventuring in a group are:



When using this command, this will give a prompt to everyone in the room, a percentage of your HP, SP and EP, for example, it would show like this:

Tharian Reports: HP:100% SP: 100% EP: 100%

Very useful for letting people know how you are doing, and also seeing how others are. (help hpall)


This command will give a list of all the food you are carrying in your inventory.

For example:

Food carried by Tharian
Number of Items: 15
Three Porterhouses.
Twelve Filled potatoes.


Another thing you should consider whilst hunting is the fact that armour, clothes and weapons can, and will get damaged hunting. There is an In character method for getting them fixed, but if you neglect them they will break completely. It is best to keep a check on things.

Section Five - Roleplaying


We are an enforced Roleplay Mud, it is not a choice, it is a requirement. You have to live the character you create, an alternate life in our alternate world. We require that you stay in character all the time, unless in Customs, which is the only OOC area within the game. Of course there are OOC channels as well including Chat, OOC, and Immigrant (help channels).

We are a medieval based game, so your roleplay must fit into this setting. This basically means no modern stuff like guns, spaceships, etc.

When you get into game, you won't know people unless they introduce to you (help intro), which requires a roleplayed meeting. People that you have not met will show in the room as their race. Once they have introduced to you they will appear as their name.

For Example:

Not introduced -

Feline, Human, Nymph and Human are here.

Introduced -

Phynn, Sahar, Ziana and Jeraal are here.

If you have introduced to someone, and they have introduced to you, you are able to send them a 'tell', which is a message using your mind (help tell). Quite good when you want to get hold of someone when they're far away.

One of the important things you'll need to know about is dying, and how to roleplay after dying. When you die, you must pray to a religion, either Waylumi, Nature or Dahkoar, to be brought back to life.

When you are brought back to life, you will forget everyone you know, and will also forget what happened for awhile (help death). This means you will have to be re-introduced to them before you will remember them properly. A very important part of roleplaying, and should be roleplayed well every time. After you have finished Immigration, you will be a Serf, ready and waiting to join a guild. You will have to roleplay for the guild, and meet their individual roleplay requirements. It is all about meeting the challenge of developing your character's life and keeping their roleplay unique while fitting into the existing roleplay structures.

The most important thing for you to do is just stay in character and allow the roleplay to guide itself. When you get into your character fully you will likely see that this becomes easy, your character will begin to guide their own actions.

So stay in character and within the guidelines outlined, and have fun!



This is a guide to help you get started. You won't learn everything here of course, some things are better, and lots more fun, to discover on your own.

If you use the suggestions here, and read your help files, you will do great!

Welcome to New Worlds! Let the roleplay begin!

- The Immigrant Guild Assistants!