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New Worlds Ateraan - Blind Players Union
The Blind Players Union or the BPU for short is a group dedicated to making the game New Worlds Ateraan more enjoyable for the sight impaired. They have developed several hints, special commands, and additions to assist in playing this text only game. This webpage is dedicated to the BPU and is for players who are sight impaired and has some of the following topics on this page:

1. Overview of the Game
2. Recommended Game Client for Blind Players
3. What is a TORG or Text Only Roleplaying Game
4. The Tutorial for the Game
5. The Players Manual
6. The Book the Game is based on
7. The Sound Pack for the game

1. Overview of New Worlds Ateraan
New Worlds Ateraan is a Text Only Roleplaying Game, or a TORG which is quite a bit different game than a graphic game like World of Warcraft or Runescape to name a few. It is set in a fantasy world much different than earth in that there are dragons, magic, and an environment that is more like medieval times, but far different than that as well.

New Worlds Ateraan is more than that however. It is a roleplaying environment where you play a character within this environment with hundreds of other players. The game is likened to a fantasy novel where you play a character in the book and engage with all the other characters. You can laugh, cry, bleed, and die within this fantastic land. You can also live and find joy, happiness, and intrigue like you have never fealt before.

You will find that in this fantastic world it is almost as if you can see again. You will have all aspects of your adventure described to you in text and feel the colors of the rainbow as well as the light of the sky and the darkness of the sea. You will sail ships, raise crops, socialize, use magic, and engage in combat while adventuring across mountains, plains, deserts, oceans, swamps, towns, and cities.

2. Recommended Game Client
New Worlds Ateraan requires either a game client or you may play directly from your web browser. The recommended client for blind players is call vipmud and can be downloaded and run from your computer. The following link will direct you to the game client vipmud.

The reason this client is recommended by the blind players on the game is because it has numerous features is highly recommended for those that use Jaws or other screen reading software.

You don't have to use vipmud to play the game. Another option is to play directly from your web browser. You should actually read through the tutorial first but if you want to start the game you can follow this link: Ateraan Web Client.

3. What is a TORG? If you are brand new to TORGs or Text Only Roleplaying Games then you might want to know the basics of what a TORG is. That answer can be found from this link: What is a TORG?

4. The Tutorial The tutorial is a walk through the game for brand new players. The next link will take you directly to the tutorial which is actually is a combination of screens and descriptions of what we call the tutorial hall.

The tutorial hall is a room by room walk through of many of the commands you will use to play this text game. Even though the link takes you to a webpage with images you will get the description of each of these rooms and what to do in them.

You don't actually have to go to this webpage to go through the tutorial. You can simply start the game in vipmud or the webpage and follow the directions for entering the tutorial and learn while you play. If you would rather read about the tutorial hall select this link: Tutorial

5. The Players Manual
Several years ago a Player Manual was written by some of the players and it is still very helpful today. To read through this manual you can to to this link: Player Manual

6. The Book
New Worlds Ateraan is a game loosely based on the book entitled, "The Light of the Path" and this book can be read directly from your web browser in a separate window. The book will give you great insight and a rich background to the game. While the game is significantly different than the book a lot of the lore found in the game references back to the book. The following link will take you to a separate web window: Read the Book

7. The Sound Pack
Because New Worlds Ateraan is a text game and has many commands and features for blind players a very important and helpful features is the Ateraan Sound Pack. This group of sounds has been developed over the years by several players on the game and is constructed into a five hundred megabyte zip file. The next link will point to this zip file for use with the vipmud client.

Instructions for inserting the sound pack into vipmud are found in the readme file within the zip file. Once you are a player on the game you can also join the blind players union or the BPU and get help from the many other blind players on the game. The following link is for the entire sound pack, which is 1.4 gigs in size and resides on the Forum server.

Here is the link to the Sound Pack Page for download:
Get the soundpack

That's it. We hope you have fun!

The Staff, Guides, and Blind Players Union.

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