Ateraan Con 2024 will be in Phoenix, Arizona October 5th through October 8th, 2024.
The information below is taken from help ateraancon.

Update: Hotel Reservation Location Use the following reservation link to reserve your hotel room in the block of rooms we have setup at the La Quinta Hotel that is closest to our Event location. Hotel Reservation Link

Saturday, October 5
• 3:00 pm - Arrival and Check in hotel
• 6:30 pm - Pickup at hotel lobby
• 7:00 pm - Kickoff Official Con. Bring a laptop or game device for logging in.
• 11:00 pm - Return to hotel
Sunday, October 6
• Morning: Breakfast at hotel
• 10:30 am - Pickup at hotel lobby
• 11:00 am - Events at Event Center
• 4:00 pm - Medieval Times, Dinner Show
• 7:00 pm - Events at Event Center
• 10:00 pm - Return to hotel
Monday, October 7
• Morning: Breakfast at hotel
• 10:30 am - Pickup at hotel lobby
• 1:00 pm - Pool Party
• 5:00 pm - Dinner
• 7:00 pm - Events at Event Center
• 10:00 pm - Return to hotel
Tueday, October 8
• 10:00 am - Checkout

LOCATION: Phoenix, Arizona.
THEME: Pirates of Ateraan

About Con2024: This year will be a little different than Vegas. We have a conference location for events and a hotel with blocked rooms getting you the best deal possible at the closest hotel to the events (about a mile away). We will pick everyone up and return everyone each day. The cost of the Con will NOT include your hotel or flight.

Event Location: Near Sundown Ranch Estates.

Hotel: The Hotel we have reserved a block of rooms at is the La Quinta in Scottsdale near our Event Location. Reservation on this block can be made at the link below. The link can also be found online at the ateraan website. You will be responsible for your hotel costs.

Hotel Reservation Link

COST: $350.00 includes everything listed below.

Convention Location and Events: Saturday to Monday.

Events will include some swag and prizes. Food and Drinks are covered for the entire Convention.

Saturday Night: Reception Party, Dinner at Event Center.
Sunday Day: Events at the Event Center.
Sunday Afternoon: Medieval Times Show with Dinner. VIP Passes for special meeting with CAST!
Sunday Eve: Events at the Event Center.
Monday Day: Pool Party Monday Eve: Events at the Event Center.
Tuesday Morning: Checkout.

Guests and Children - The following is the cost for guests:
$100.00 for kids under 5. They must share your meal and seats at events.
$200.00 for kids over 5. They have their own seat and do not share meals.
$350.00 for all other guests. They will have all the perks of players.

PAYMENT: Payment is online through the Donation Page. Read carefully the information on that page. Donations for Con2024 do NOT start until January 1, 2024. Here is the link: Donate

Different from Con2022, you can make a reservation for yourself or gift a reservation for anyone. Keep in Mind, there is NO REFUND or Cancellation of any reservation whether you go or not. Our costs remain the same regardless of whether you cancel.

TRAVEL: You are responsible for your own travel to Phoenix and your hotel cost. (See hotel information). We will transport you from the hotel to the event location. We will also have a transport time to and from the airport depending on your arrival and departure times.

DISCUSSION: Reading help discord will give you another location we will be using to discuss ateraancon and to connect during the Con.
Here is the discord link: Discord
We have a special section to this Tournament!

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