The Fall of the Guardians was an epic event on the game where numerous
characters died in the aftermath and battle that began one of the
longest run events spanning several years. This transcript is the
start of that event that led to several others.

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A voice is heard around the globe, "Defenders of Ateraan, it is time.
The Guardians shall be annointed as prophesied and the ceremony shall begin.
Hie ye to the Oasis, a location of power and I shall be among you."

 [ ^^^^ Buryan the warrior bellows to the world ^^^^ ]
 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

All the people of Ateraan as one must go to 
the Oasis. You must lend your power to the 
ceremony so that we may yet survive.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Jempek Desert Oasis

   This wonderful Oasis is a haven for those seeking shelter in the desert.
Numerous palm trees offer shade and the sand on the ground is cool. An
underground stream provides cool water to a small pond located in the center of
the oasis.

    &&                 && 
   &&&&               &&&& 
    []                 [] 
    []       ~~~~      [] 
    []      ~~~~~~     [] 
   ^^^^    ~~~~~~~~   ^^^^

   There is one obvious exit: east.

You see the Warlock of the Oracle.
Standing just over six feet, this man portrays wisdom and power. A silver blue
aura radiates around his body giving him the appearance that he is an illusion,
yet his movement and stature betray this facade. He has jet black eyes but the
iris is silver and glows with an inner mysticism. His hair is long and flowing
with the color of dark sand, black with hints of grey.
He has long, flowing dark hair.
His eyes are jet black with silver irises.
He is in perfect condition.
Wielding : Staff of Death.
  Armour : Warlock Amulet
           Starlight robe
           Magic boots

Those In Attendance

Xandemore (kneeling).
Kyte (standing guard near the pool).
Warg (standing guard).
Ramketh (praying silently).
Selussa (kneeling). 
Madyson (holding a burning flame).
Adinas (holding a burning flame).
Talice (kneeling).
Guard Kae.
Squire Magarrigan.
Vehk (kneeling, legs crossed).
Naveed the magical panther.
Pythos (kneeling).
Cur Lo.
Porter Lesu.
Cur Fa.
Qoia (kneeling).
Dolsbo (kneeling).
Titos (holding a burning flame).
Two Earth elementals.
Servant Mahleu.
Himitsu (kneeling).
Kazemdi (holding an orb).
Selthus (kneeling).
Artorias the tiger.
Thrig (kneeling head down ears folded).
Shora (praying to Waylumi).
Jinyna (is knelt in reverence).
Serenth (holding a torch).
Skyph (conjuring magic).
Lunis (kneeling).
Leidan (holding a burning flame).
Roa (guarding).
Solis (kneeling).
Sidrielle (holding flowers).
Spirit totem Owl.
Slush the tiger.
Kristo (sitting by the water).
     Deep in the night sky the small white spot seems to 
      have grown ever so slightly.

 You feel something strange then a loss of energy.
 Lochlon <Fighter> Och, bloody hell
 Solis <Druid> Did everyone get affected by that with a loss of energy?
 Jinyna <Druid> I was hurt and thee?

 Qoia <Religion> I can announce it if you want?

 Lunis <Druid> I felt a pain, but no loss of energy.
 Kairu <Druid> Circle cheking in, yes.
 Solis <Druid> Same, I was hurt. You did not experience anything else?
 Titos <Shaman> A word of caution: stay away from the Baobab tree.
 Titos <Shaman> Kyte has been summoned there by the unseen. That is all we know.

     The white orb hurling toward Ateraan is now large in  
     size as it comes closer to world. 


Forest Glade - Swirling in Arcane Energy

   The gladed area here has been completely burned and blackened as if the
entire area has undergone a conflagration and the inferno burned everything to
ash. A smokey mist of ash and soot float through the air as the residue of
arcane energies continue to spark and swirl with destructive force.

   <<< Flames burn within the city of Quolinara >>>
   <<< A wall of arcane energy blocks the east >>>

   There is one obvious exit: west.

 [**** Qoia makes a World Announcement ****]
   Attention all peoples of Ateraan. For the time being
  avoid the Baobab tree, and likely the Savannah too,
             per word from Commander Kyte.

 <Religion> Lunis prays softly, "May your sword arm stay strong, your heart
            true, and your path return you to us."
Pythos <Religion> we're staged just east of the elf captain at the plaza.
Shora <Religion> I'll join you in a moment, it seems my mind is still drained
                  from that pulse earlier     
  Jinyna <Religion> The Warlock's arrival will be in a little over half a toll
                   now or there abouts. Lets Focus on readying ourselves for
                   this and remain calm, everything will surely be explained
                   when there is time to do such.

Pythos <Mage> Within 24 hours Warg and Kyte will be summoned with two others we
               do not know of yet to go with the Warlock to fight the Dread at
               their source. We will do this to stem the flow of them and give
               you all a chance to defend Ateraan. An invasion force surpassing
               all we haveseen before is gathering in the hollows as we speak
               and will crash down upon the lands when we are called away. We
               guardians will be the key to your victory and you will be the key
               to the world's survival.
 Velka <Shaman> Were I to guess the other two a Shaman and a Mage might be the
 Adinas <Shaman> Tiakeht about has it. Soldiers were chosen, precisely because
                 they have no spark to manipulate the Flow with. They are pretty
                 much doing all that they are really worth; killing things.
 Pythos <Mage> You must prepare yourselves for the coming battle as it will be
               beyond anything we have experienced before now. If you lose the
               cosmos loses. This is our final stand.
 Madyson <Shaman> I think we need to start storing up on some gear.
 Madyson <Religion> We need to start storing up on some gear.

 Khreilaur <Shaman> I'll help in any way that I can
 Madyson <Shaman> Adinas, does Veshkala have any jerkins for sale?
 Adinas <Shaman> I do not know.

 Ramketh <Southland> Whilst unsure of how the Guardians will be affected, my
                     prayers are open to all in the sense of healing and even
                     resurrection... if needed. The Lord's treasury is also
                     opened to help with the war efforts, should it be of use.

 Madyson <Militia> Who is awake?
 Kaht <Militia> I am barely
 Ramketh <Religion> Still, I wonder if it proves my theories right that the
                    dread can be killed upon their own realm. The hollows...
                    They always die there. With the threads and fabric of our
                    realm blends with theirs. Such a time for study and vengence
                    all in one, fell swoop.

 Madyson <Militia> Start preparing, make sure you have plenty of supplies..
                   Actually, I am sure you have already heard this from the
                   Warriors. We are on high alert. As more Militants wake up, we
                   will try to get a schedule going.
 Lunis <Druid> Sol and I can go sit watch for you, Lady Selussa!
 Selussa <Druid> That would be lovely, I'll try to be back as quick as I
                 possibly can

 Titos <Shaman> An individual, perhaps, you should make yourself familiar with
                before he ventures into the unknown, Khreilaur.
 Vadamar <Fighter> aware
 Titos <Shaman> In my personal episodes with the man we have been regularly at
                odds and yet, his choices are in the better interest of the
                Overseer and his city. For a Trolahk he provides remarkable
 [**** Arten makes a World Announcement ****]
   The Merchant Guild is seeking a full set of catapult
  parts.  A message from the Council of Masters, war
       comes in the next day, stock and prepare. 

 Pythos <Mage> collect tools of war and prepare for battle
 Titos <Shaman> Tiakeht, could you take watch over the ravine?
 Kyte <Fighter> You can provide ours to them, Lochlon. So we know they will be
 Tiakeht <Shaman> I suppose now is as good a time as any to get those fifty
                  manas and wands I have stored up...
 Tiakeht <Shaman> Of course!
 Lochlon <Fighter> Aye then. I'll haul 'em to Arten                
 Quinthyll <Kingdom> The Waylumi faith has many basic arms, erbs, elixirs, and
                     other various items in preperation for the coming events. 
                     As you prepare yourselves, if there is anything of need we
                     can provide, please make use but be mindful and do not take
                     more then necessary.  Others likely will need to resupply
                     as well.  If you've items you can add, we will do our best
                     to watch over them in the temple.

Qoia <Religion> So after I finish all these erbs that I have, I need to go back
                 to Darmahk and help prepare things there, so you guys will need
                 to cordinate someone here at all times to stick with supplies.

 Arten <Merchant> It is unlikely there will be a steady supply of Merchants to
                  move them into the forest for them, so, I suppose their Circle
                  will just be overrun.
 Telchar <Trader> Family, as I'm sure you've heard, a large conflict is on the
                  horizon.  I recommend everyone begin preparations now if you
                  haven't already.  Our primary duty is to keep the Den stocked,
                  but we can also maintain reserves of supplies, lightened
                  foods, and bolts as well.  If you will be venturing forth from
                  the city, I advise you have protection with you at all times.
 Solis <Religion> Already been doing that. Thank you for your assistance.
 Faelorn <Religion> Okay, thank you Qoia. I will stay at the circle
 Telchar <Religion> how many of you at the circle possess crossbows?
 Qoia <Religion> Of course. I just wish I could be in two places at once.
 Solis <Religion> I do.
 Telchar <Religion> I'll send a shipment of bolts your way soon

 Telchar <Religion> is anyone currently at the circle? I have some supplies to
 Qoia <Religion> I am

 Tiakeht <Shaman> 71 manas and wands dropped off with the rest of the supplies.
 Tiakeht <Shaman> I broke into my secret stash!
 Qoia <Religion> thank you.
 <Religion> Telchar chuckles "enjoy the candy canes"

 Velka <Shaman> I was going to drop some off, too, I've been making them
                furiously. Calmly. But furiously.
 Vitrian <Merchant> I'm making an erb run so we can keep foods light and
Flames continue to burn and the oder of roasted bodies mingling 
with the ash from houses and structures fills the air.

     Deep in the sky you can see the white spot is now
     an orb that appears much larger and closer than 


A voice is heard around the globe, "Defenders of Ateraan, it is time. The
Guardians shall be annointed as prophesied and the ceremony shall begin. Hie ye
to the Oasis, a location of power and I shall be among you."

 [ ^^^^ Warg the warrior bellows to the world ^^^^ ]
 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Let all Ateraan hear my voice and know the truth of my
words! I am Warg of the Blood, husband of Tril, son of
  the damned and servant of Darmahk's Red Dragon. My
oath is my life and I have served that oath faithfully
  with my strength and with my blood. Now the life of
   Ateraan and all I have served is threatened by an
 enemy from beyond the rifts. I am one of a few called
to the fight there by the Oracle of the Ancients, that
  the fight here might be victorious if the souls of
  Ateraan are stout enough and strong enough of will.
 Hear my declaration and know my resolve to serve and
    follow my Master, the Oracle, to the limits of
 oblivion killing the enemies of the Cosmos where they
  are shown to me. I am Warg, servant of the Oracle.
                Forever reign, my Lord!

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 


     Mystical sparkles cross the entire globe then  
     begin to coelesce near Quolinara.


<----------------------------Battle of the Four Guardians---------------------------->

Creatures from the Orb descend upon Quolinara in the place of the Guardians 
and the Battle begins in a collision of tytanic energy and force.

Kyte smites a dozen dread with another dozen diseased by Ramketh.

Warg is overwelmed by one hundred Soul Suckers and nearly falls.

Shora heals Warg just before he succumbs to death!

You hear Shora scream in pain and she nearly falls but for Kyte's intervention.

 Selussa <Religion> I'm awake again, anything I can do?
 Pythos <Religion> Dear Waylumi, aid Shora in her time of need
 Fericia <Religion> there's exactly four of us on the front line, which is great
 Quinthyll <Religion> She gives us hope, lends her grace to us, and through her
                      defend the light.
 Lochlon <Religion> By the Lady, if ever there was a worse sound that that ...

You feel pain emminating from Warg as he loses his right arm only to catch the staff of war in his left.

 Ellesandra <Religion> Do not let the lady do our jobs!  Mages who can restore
                       focus please help me in the temple if you are able. 
                       Clerics overwatch when you can

Shora uses the last of her strength to heal Warg and then falls faint by the exertion!

 Ellesandra <Religion> I will not sit idly by and not do my best.. I may be
                       mothing in this battle but I will help in any way I can
                       and you should all do the same!

Ramketh sends off forty invaders to their death standing over the body of Shora back to back with Kyte.

 Oliian <Religion> you think you are the only one working you are wrong.
 Ellesandra <Religion> may the Lady guard Shora.. and give us the strength to
                       help her and the rest of the warriors in this battle.

The Zortok arrives!

The Zortok is a creature from an alternate dimension. It is huge in size nearly
fifteen feet tall and bulking a massive twenty feet in diameter. Unlike its
Dread brethren it is solid and substantial and you know it must have taken
massive energy and rift power to bring to this dimension. Appearing like a
combination of a giant, dragon, and a boulder its body elongates and morphs
during movement. The arms and legs, if it could be said to have them are more
like fluid tree stumbs or fat tentacles that protrude from all locations. The
Zortok has a massive maw that seems to be frozen in a moan and tiny electric
jolts sizzle from within.

The Zortok blasts everyone with electric jolts from its maw!
The Zortok crushes Warg with stump like arms!
The Zortok burns Shora!
The Zortok covers Kyte with an odd smoke!
The Zortok pierces Ramketh through the heart and he falls near unto death.

 <Religion> Titos sighs.
 Ellesandra <Religion> I know noone in the faith will leave her behind... but I
                       do not want to hear everyone talk as if she's fallen when
                       she's still there to protect!
 Oliian <Religion> we were offering prayers, and there is nothing wrong with
                   that, and she told us she may never return, so we have a
                   right to grieve.

The Invaders come in droves, weakend by the Guardians but too many...too many...

 Fericia <Religion> please stand by
 Taya <Religion> First set gathered.
 Callis <Religion> I fear they will break through before much longer.

Warg shouts, "It's a good day to bastards first!"

Kyte shouts, "Send your armies. Send your damned minions. We will not
                     fall. We will live eternally with the people we protect and
                     you will know fear unlike any you have ever faced before,
                     for we have the might of the cosmos behind us!"

The battle rages on, but the end is coming...

 Khensei <Kingdom> There is a force being gathered in the elven forest east of
                   the brook awaiting what is to come, meet there if you wish to
                   stand in defense in case we are flooded by whatever is beyond
                   the flames.
 Selussa <Religion> You guys got someone running logistics? Just in case you
                    need it.
 <Mage> Teimor yawns "What is happening?". His eyes barely opened.
 Fericia <Religion> Nothing so far
 Selussa <Religion> I know but that might be good to sort out before the chaos of war

 Ayja <Mage> I don't think I have words, Tei. Just...observe.
 Lochlon <Fighter> General, I'll watch the city for a wee while more, and then
                   head east when we know that's the attack point
 <Mage> Teimor nods at Ayja "Are we under attack?"
 Lochlon <Fighter> I dinna want tae get caught with our troosers down here in
                   Gahlen in case they drop here outta the air

In a final attempt to stop the the onslaught Kyte throws himself 
into the midst of the swarm and is devoured.

Before his final death his body and soul are turned to mystical 
energy and he is obsorbed into the energy of the Oracle!

 <Religion> Sidrielle grimaces and sighs
 Kizrely <Religion> we will honor you brother, we surely will.

 <Mage> Teimor says, "Oh!" in understanding
 Madyson <Militia> Who is awake?

Following Kyte, Ramketh rams his staff into the maw of the 
Dread Lord and together they fall.

Before his final death his body and soul are turned to mystical 
energy and he is obsorbed into the energy of the Oracle!

 Lochlon <Religion> And please keep out of my mind

 Veshkala <Militia> I can be for a very short while.

In an attempt to save them both Shora is smitten down and is destroyed,
but the Goddess Waylumi draws her in and she joins with Waylumi forever!

 Madyson <Militia> I am going to close the gates of Darmahk, all but the east one.
 Talice <Militia> I will close the south and then stand guard at the palace

  Shayd <Mage> Anyone try to levitate over the barrier?

 Madyson <Militia> Thank you. Veshkala, can you make an announcement to the
                   world to let them know?
 Veshkala <Militia> I'll close the North, but I'll have to stand down shortly
 Titos <Religion> Thank you, High Priest.
 Oliian <Religion> Let everyone know that apparently I'm horrible and bickering
                   for educating and showing the facts. Waylumi take care of
                   Shora for us..

 Talice <Militia> on your command Warden

 Titos <Shaman> The gates are going to be closed. The east will be open.
 Oliian <Religion> which I was not bickering, just stating facts.

In a final effort Warg falls riddled with a 100 wounds he 
struggles but is devoured by a dozen furies. Still he rises up 
and is taken by the Oracle as his body is ripped to shreds.

 Ellesandra <Religion> May the Lady bring her back to us if she so wills it...
                       but at the least may She keep Shora close in her heart
                       and safe at her side for eternity.

 Myrahlae <Mage> I haven't even seen it

 Madyson <Militia> As soon as Veshkala makes her announcement, close them. I
                   will close the West.

 Titos <Shaman> Who is awake?
 Myrahlae <Mage> It is very draining an painfull
 Titos <Religion> Who is awake?

 Leidan <Shaman> I am.
 Oliian <Waylumi> appatrently I'm such a terrible cleric, someone else can man
                  the temple instead.

As the Guardians fall an energy field rises blocking the invaders for a time.
Madyson <Southland> Citizens of Darmahk, I will be imposing a curfew of sorts
                     on Darmahk. Considering most of us sleep at night and thus,
                     we leave Darmahk vulnerable, the gates will close every
                     evening at midnight and will open the following morning.
                     The east gate will remain open.

 Madyson <Militia> Okay, tonight, actually, leave them open, we have a respite.

 [**** Veshkala makes a World Announcement ****]
   The battle will be on us soon. All but the east gate
of Darmahk will be closing momentarily. If you need to
  make your way inside the city, please use the east
    gate. Fight well. Our Guardians have made their
sacrifice, and now it is our turn to ensure that their
 deaths are not in vain. Rest and prepare, and may the
                 Gods be with us all.
 [ ^^^^ Talice the warrior bellows to the world ^^^^ ]
 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
 May the heavens quake for now a warrior walks amoung
   them on his way to join with his ancestors, never
  forget his sacrifice this day and never forget that
 though he may be gone from this world, he still lives
 on in the hearts of the guild of blood now and those
 to come. Walk with honor Master Warg, Emissary of the
 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

 Titos <Shaman> For those that are to wake before me this coming morning, I wish
                to share some words. Last night we lost four of the bravest
                individuals Ateraan has ever seen. Kyte, Ramketh, Warg and Shora
                spent their last breaths going forth into the unknown to see to
                it that the remainder of us would have a glimmer of hope in an
                otherwise blank and dark moment. None of them will be forgotten,
                nor will their sacrifice. I had known Kyte and Ramketh since I
                first arrived in Darmahk and both of them have been my closest
                friends since. That said, my loss and grieving does not nearly
                compare to Madyson's. Where we have lost friends, Madyson has
                lost her fiance. As time allows, I would encourage each of you
                to reach out privately for her to know that your thoughts and
                condolences are hers. She certainly bears mine in this sad time.
 Kazemdi <Religion> Were we speaking over a drink in the Den I would concur, but
                    we are speaking amongst the faithful and it's important in
                    this mind to stay focussed and on point.  Losing our High
                    Priest was unfortunate, he played a vital role in furthering
                    the Lord's word in these lands.  Emotion has little
                    relevance to the tasks ahead of us, and should not detract
                    from our focus in doing what must be done.  I don't care
                    whether he was a friend or lover, he was merely an agent of
                    the Lord in Darmahk, no more and no less, as should we all
                    be.  He did what had to be done, and if we survive the
                    oncoming assault I'll raise a glass to him for that, but I
                    would expect every one of us would have done the same if we
                    were in the same position, and I'd have the same to say
                    about them also.


     A massive white orb hovers over Quolinara a 
     portal fixating on the center of the city as 
     creatures begin to stir at its base, not yet 
     powerful enough to cross the threshold 
     established by the fall of the Guardians.


  Kristo <Militia> reguarding the catapults, we will need a warrior or fighter to
                  operate it, it has a range of six furlongs and the bucket has
                  a max payload of ten munitions (or whatever else is lying
 Kristo <Militia> Gahlen is offering us another catapult if we need it,
                  apparantly they have four
 Madyson <Militia> Adinas has keys for a second one.
 Madyson <Militia> Also, Gahlen does not have gates and they may be our first
                   line of defense. Let's not take it from them just yet./

The other dimensional creations begin to test the bounderies of 
the threshold established by the fall of the Guardians.


     The creatures from the white orb find the energy 
     to begin to breach the threshold.


Khensei <Kingdom> We'll be staying at the center of town, they seem to slow
                   down here. Move here if you wish to join the defense force to
                   push back these dread.
 Himitsu <Religion> Let us know -immediately- if it seems they're coming up the
                    path to the Circle

Tiakeht <Shaman> For Gahlen...

------====== Khensei calls out a Command ======------
  Follow me if you are here to join the fighting
 Ferchors <Religion> can you guys camouflage in the circle? perhaps they won't
                     see you if so. I know we can in the east forest. just a

A pulse occurs and many other dimensional creatures pour 
through the opening in the center of Quolinara lending 
their force to the first wave of aggressors!

[************--Rumour Monger--************]
Dahrigo dies a horrible death!

 Orikrosdam <Religion> heal if possible
 Himitsu <Religion> Let me know when the fight's done
 Sidrielle <Religion> I need some mana potions and flowers if you have any, Qoia
 Khensei <Religion> I'm fine, please save healing for when I ask for it if
[************--Rumour Monger--************]
Dread laughs hideously over the remains of Faelorn!

 Vanterron <Religion> Can i get a heal?
 Qoia <Religion> manas have been all taken up.

[************--Rumour Monger--************]
A Dread loc wraps tentacles around Buryan and pops off his head!
Sidrielle <Religion> I am filling up fast.. so, someone else is going to have
                      to catch heals for a bit
Himitsu <Religion> I fled west, so I'm on healing duty for now
 Solis <Religion> Same.

 Adinas <Shaman> is it clear?
 Titos <Shaman> I don't know.
 Selussa <Druid> Get to the tavern if you can

 Sidrielle <Kingdom> Circle could really use some manas and maybe more erbs, if
                     someone has a bernard that is brave enough to make it here
                     with some.
 Himitsu <Religion> Could take the long route up along the silver river to cut
                    out most of the danger?

 Kavan <Merchant> Not sure, bunch of folks just died
[************--Rumour Monger--************]
Dread laughs hideously over the remains of Mirlvurn!

 Xandemore <Fighter> Be careful getting here...
 Sidrielle <Religion> Undead are the least of our problems right now
[************--Rumour Monger--************]
Dread laughs hideously over the remains of Niko!
Drustian <Religion> Wait, what? She came in from the north and found dread?
 Solis <Religion> The whole world needs cleansing of Dread.

 Xandemore <Fighter> Four locs and half a dozen dread hit me. I was just warning

[************--Rumour Monger--************]
Fury kills Jargen leaving the corpse to rot!

Velka <Shaman> Fury on the eastern road

[************--Rumour Monger--************]
Fury kills Tiakeht leaving the corpse to rot!

[************--Rumour Monger--************]
Fury kills Lunette leaving the corpse to rot!

[************--Rumour Monger--************]
Life Sucker steals the soul of Ferchors!
[************--Rumour Monger--************]
Agrias dies a horrible death!

Adinas <Shaman> we just killed two dread locs

[************--Rumour Monger--************]
A Dread loc wraps tentacles around Myrahlae and pops off her head!

[************--Rumour Monger--************]
Dread laughs hideously over the remains of Valroon!

Faelorn <Druid> Okay, get prepared for heals

[************--Rumour Monger--************]
Dread laughs hideously over the remains of Chayon!

Greanth <Kingdom> Hark and pay heed to my words oh people of Gahlen. The
                   Goddess smiles down upon us. She holds in Her heart infinite
                   love for all of us. Be ye of nature. Be ye of Darkness. Be ye
                   of the Light. Be ye of disciple of no God or Goddess. You are
                   loved by the Light and you are blessed by the Light. Come
                   unto these creatures with this knowledge. We are the dove
                   with mace in claw. We are the righterous pillar of the
                   Goddess that will turn all with contempt for life to the
                   pillar of salt and we will stand glorious in victory with the
                   Divine workings of the Cosmos on our side.
 Kizrely <Religion> I am on my way into the battle group
Khensei <Kingdom> We tried chasing them around the forest last time and nearly
                   got multiple people killed as they run right past. It's best
                   to wait somewhere they will stick around for a period of time
                   to allow time to kill them.
[************--Rumour Monger--************]
Life sucker kills Roa leaving the corpse to rot!

Zexia <Shaman> I got pushed out. Let me know when its safe

[************--Rumour Monger--************]
Shayd dies a horrible death!

[************--Rumour Monger--************]
Thrig dies a horrible death!
 Drustian <Religion> If I'm in the elven forest am I uh ... east or west of the plaza.          
[************--Rumour Monger--************]
Fury kills Zexia leaving the corpse to rot!

Fericia <Kingdom> loads got through!

 Fericia <Druid> heal!
 Lochlon <Fighter> fall back then?

[************--Rumour Monger--************]
Madyson dies a horrible death!

[************--Rumour Monger--************]
Thrig dies a horrible death!

[************--Rumour Monger--************]
Fury kills Callis leaving the corpse to rot!

[************--Rumour Monger--************]
Dread laughs hideously over the remains of Casius!

[************--Rumour Monger--************]
Life sucker kills Quinthyll leaving the corpse to rot!

[************--Rumour Monger--************]
Shayd dies a horrible death!

[************--Rumour Monger--************]
Fericia dies a horrible death!

[************--Rumour Monger--************]
A Dread loc wraps tentacles around Mirlvurn and pops off his head!

[************--Rumour Monger--************]
Fury kills Roa leaving the corpse to rot!

[************--Rumour Monger--************]
Pythos dies a horrible death!
[************--Rumour Monger--************]
Greanth dies a horrible death!

[************--Rumour Monger--************]
Dread laughs hideously over the remains of Khensei!

[************--Rumour Monger--************]
Dread laughs hideously over the remains of Pythos!

[************--Rumour Monger--************]
Aerry dies a horrible death!

[************--Rumour Monger--************]
Bones kills Amaraea leaving the corpse to rot!
 Drustian <Religion> Heal!

 Liria <Merchant> holy shit
 Lochlon <Religion> Bloody hell
 Selussa <Religion> What the hell was that?
 Kizrely <Religion> heal!

 Tiakeht <Shaman> Lord above
 Daphine <Religion> That was massacre

 Adinas <Shaman> it was bad.
Zexia <Shaman> That was horrifying 

Niko yells, "What happened?!"

Serenth stares at everyone and says, "I don't know if you've 
been keeping up with current events, but we just got our ASSES KICKED!"

You feel the portal locked down again as the Warlock is able to close it
off for the evening giving a respite to Ateraan.

 <Religion> Oliian says quietly but in a manner her voice carries, "Waylumi
            these times are troubling. Several people many of us cared for have
            been taken from us. From the dahkoar priest, to the warrior. From
            the soldier to the waylumi priestess. We each know at least one of
            these, and we morn their death in our own ways, but we must set
            aside this grief in this great time of need. We must respect them
            for their assistance, even though they gave the ultimate cost. Give
            us strength, wisdom, and power during this war. We can't succeed
            without you, be with us. Thank you for all your help thus far, and
            your help to come. Thank you for all your blessings, and your love.
            All of the gods we all ask you to help us all. We need all we can,
            and all differences set aside in this war. waylumi guide and bless
            us all.

In the final aftermath the defenders of Ateraan along with the 
Warlock were able to release a mighty spell that stopped the 
onslaught and turned the invaders back. Unfortunately these 
last few hours of the transcript were lost.

====================------ The Return of the Warlock ------====================

You envision the matrix and energy travels through each line above 
you. The lines bend and warp into the shape of the pentagon all the 
while sizzling with power. As the pentagon forms you begin to see 
the shape of a being who appears as a form of light descending from 
the center of the lines of power that make up the pentagon.

You sense that a story is about to unfold before you and you should 
remain where you are to witness the vision of the Grand Master Warlock.

<<<<<    Time Passes     >>>>>

The being in light solidifies and stands before you. Standing just 
over six feet, this man portrays wisdom and power. A silver blue aura 
radiatesaround his body giving him the appearance that he is an illusion, 
yet hismovement and stature betray this facade. He has jet black eyes 
but the iris is silver and glows with an inner mysticism. His hair is 
long and flowing with the color of dark sand, black with hints of grey.

He is carrying the body of a female and as he kneels down he lays 
the female on the ground in almost a sacred fashion and waving his 
hand entombs her in some form of mystical casing. He straightens 
and looks at the sky a moment before looking back at you.

You look down at the body on the ground:

You see a female malor,
She has long, black hair.
Her eyes are closed.

Hovering near death this malor woman's skin is pale despite 
the natural dark countenance. Her hair is a flowing black 
that is tinged with gold at the temples. Her eyes are closed 
and her lips appear nearly blue. Her body is long and athletic 
but hidden by the blue robe she is wrapped in. She appears 
asleep but you cannot tell if she is breathing. A mystical 
aura of blue energy surrounds her body.

She is wrapped in a blue robe.
She is surrounded by bright blue energy.
She is nearly dead.


The Grand Master Warlock begins speaking to you and his voice is 
like unto a single note and then a chord of notes to your mind:

Beings of this world. I have come from beyond the stars from a distant 
world on a mission critical to the survival of our galaxy...nay, our 
universe. I am a traveler of time and space and my journey has cost me 
more than you will be able to understand. I am from my future, but 
somehow your past. I still do not fully understand this phenomenon but 
somehow I have come here before, reversed in time, and have returned 
here in another time. In other words, I have been here before.

I have only been able to make these travels through the teachings and 
powers of a being known as the Oracle of the Cosmos. This being is an 
entity of the mind, spirit, and flow who has evolved into something 
beyond mortality. Perhaps immortality, if immortality can be gauged 
and referenced in our limited terms. I know know for in the words of 
the Oracle, no thing is eternal. Even so, I have learned the ways of 
power and magic, mysticism and spirit, I am a follower of the flow 
of time and space, of the lines of the spacial matrix, of the mysteries 
of universe. As such I have command of the rifts in space that allow 
me to traverse from world to world, but not at cost.

For I am not alone in these secrets or abilities. The enemies of the 
Oracle. Yeah, the very enemies of the Gods, for they have contempt 
for the Light and the Darkness. They have contempt for the Spirit 
Gods of each World. They are an immense destructive force for of 
the Universe and they will not stop until they destroy or conquer 
all. For as I judge such things, each world they conquer or enslave 
gains them power at the core of their existence. My world was in their 
path and the story of its destruction I shall tell you.

The Master Warlock pauses in his story seeking in your eyes the 
depth of commitment you may have to hear the rest of his words. 

His eyes flash again in a strange fashion, almost as if he knows 
far more than he is telling and were you to see what he has seen 
you might shrink from the insanity. Yet he continues his narrative...

Many decades ago I was learning the mastery of my skills. A 
student of the mind, spirit, body I was. A teacher of the flow 
and a gatherer of powers. It was clear that I had the talents 
beyond most and I rose quickly in my studies and abilities. 
Soon I was a powerful Shaman of unique gifts and I was known 
as a Master of my Arts and a power to be reckoned with. 

And then came the Visitor. The Guide. The Teacher. He appeared 
to me as a dream or vision, but his existence was real. He told 
me and those with me of another that was his polar opposite. 
That this nemesis was more than just an avatar of evil, that it 
was a destroyer incarnate. He explained that this avatar was at 
the foundation of the destruction of planets by beings of another 
dimension and that our world was in extreme danger. He knew that 
we understood the Flow better than any of our planet and for this 
cause he told us to find powers to enable us to combat this force 
that surely would come in time and to my world for destruction.

This force, the Enemy as he called it, was said to use the same 
spacial matrix to travel from dimension to dimension, through 
time and space, and he knew that we were the ones that could 
learn this same power and were unafraid to tap into whatever 
sources were possible. We accepted the threat and for years we 
searched all avenues of power. We looked to the Light and the 
Dark, to religion and magic, to spirit and mind. We were 
unafraid to delve into the dangerous areas of power. 

In an effort to speak to the largest of the practitioners of 
power on our planet, called Teciann, a group of our earlier 
masters met with the Arch Druids of Darcelonea. This was the 
capital city of the Empire of Teciann. These beings were 
powerful with schools of learning and academies of study. 
They were formed of thousands of practitioners of magic.
Though powerful of spell and arts, they were limited of vision 
and mind. We were relegated to a relatively young Master, a 
minor functionary of the Arch Druids. I can only suppose we were 
feared as evil and dark of purpose. Nevertheless, this young 
Master was not without vision and foresight. She was cautious 
but open to our words and she left with me and a score of 
elves to learn what we knew and study with us. 

The Grand Master Warlock kneels down and 
places a hand on the body near his feet.

Her name was Tarmareen.

The Grand Master Warlock stands again releasing 
the body and closes his eyes for a moment.

Years went by and we studied all manner of powers. We delved 
into the darkest secrets and soon the elves with us began to 
change for the forces used caused a dark casting on them and 
when this occurred Tarmareen urged for a return to the 
Darcelonea for discussion with her Masters. I argued against 
it, knowing that we had to uncover our masteries on our own, 
but she was persuasive and by then we had become...close. 

In the end I acquiesced to her wishes and a dozen of us 
including some of the dark elves returned. They met with 
appalled disgust. Tarmareen was cast out and designated a 
witch and the elves were then called the warped and hunted. 
They were viewed as a precursor to the odd appearances of 
the creatures of destruction and might that were beginning 
to appear in areas distant to Darcelonea and destroy and 
then vanish. Tarmareen was told that a war was coming and 
it was clear the Druids were ramping up for whatever the 
Oracle had previously warned me of many years earlier.

Tarmareen returned with only half her group. The others.
We do not know what became of them, but from that point 
forward we became the Warlocks of Teciann and isolated 
ourselves from these foolish political authoritarians.

In the years that transpired it was clear to our group 
that we needed to learn more of the cosmic matrix and the 
ability to travel. This was for two reasons. First, to 
gain powers and insights from other worlds. Second, to 
find an escape should we fail to stop the Enemy on this 
planet. As I was considered the most learned and gifted, 
I took Tarmareen and four others with me to scour the 
planets we could reach and find whatever powers would aid 
us in discovering this Enemy and turning it. 

We knew that no help would come from the other wielders 
and practitioners of powers on our planet as all were 
beginning to look for answers that they could not find 
and fear was the benefactor in a world that lacked trust.

As soon as my small group left Teciann through the lines 
of the rift we were beset upon by creatures of another 
dimension. Having never battled in the space time 
continuum we were at a disadvantage and two of my party 
were lost forcing us into an escape to an alternative 
location or perish. We retreated to a small life 
sustaining moon and realized we had gone back in time. 

It took nearly a decade to find our way to another, far 
distant planet. When we arrived this planet was at the 
end of a chaotic struggle for supremacy by the Light and 
Darkness. We spent several decades living on this planet 
and developing some of the early pioneers of our methods, 
Tamareen, myself, and the two dark elves that had survived. 

Communities were developing and groups forming. We assisted 
for some time in this, but as is our way, we also stayed 
distant, separate. We learned in time as we studied and 
increased our powers that this planet was known as Ateraan.

When we were fully prepared we traveled again through the 
rift along the spacial matrix time line back to our own world. 
As we arrived in our own time we were joined in a colossal 
battle for the planet. Most of the planet was destroyed and 
it was clear that our only change was to engage in a fight 
to escape. Our order was no more, having been destroyed 
or having fled we did not know.

In our flight the remaining dark elves, masters of their 
art, fell. Tarmareen was mortally wounded when she sought 
to protect the escape of her younger brother, a young 
acolyte of the druidic order that somehow found a way to 
escape along the lines of power. I can only surmise he 
had help from the Oracle as no one of that order had the 
knowledge or power of interstellar travel. Even so, 
Tarmareen barely protected him and I can only surmise 
he perished in his escape along with my companions.

I am here, returned to the same world that accepted me 
years ago, but my time is short. I am here only to 
leave you with the same message given me by the Oracle. 
That is: seek out the powers you may find. I speak to 
those of you how are like unto Tarmareen and myself. 
Those who know the flow and seek to learn from it. 

If you join with others or share the secrets of the 
pentagon it is at your discretion, but know this: 
betrayal is as real as any other threat that you will 
face and sharing knowledge is as dangerous as sharing 
your mind to an enemy. I leave you with this place 
on your world. This place to meditate and grow in 
the flow that you have learned. I built it millennia 
ago and hid it with my powers. It is now yours as a 
place of envision, meditation and learning.

I wish you luck on your journey, perhaps we shall meet 
again, but perhaps not. I go forth alone now to find 
the answers to these beings of awesome power. 

These beings that destroyed my world and...

The Grand Master Warlock looks down at Tarmareen.

...the love of my life. 

A lonely journey, I will not rest until I have found my inner peace.

A beam of light appears around the Grand 
Master Warlock and explodes up into the sky.

[**** THE  END ****]

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