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The links below will take you to actual events that have occured on the game.

Invasion into the Kingdom
Invasions are commonplace throughout Ateraan and in this particular transcript
the Warlord of the Southland demanded 10 virgin females from the Kingdom.
Naturally the Kingdom refused and with the dozens of heros from Gahlen and
Darmahk a mighty battle ensues while merchants are captured by orcs.

Ceremonial Memorial of Rothar Telrith
The Ceremony of Commander Rathar played by the Soldier James Pressor who died in 2009 during the Middle East conflicts.
This event has been very important for the players of Ateraan. Each year he is remembered fondly by fellow players in
and in 2020 a special memorial took place where his Mother joined the game to take part in this epic event.

Arrival of the Darmahk Vizier, Princess of Pirshah
The Empress of Pirshah sends her daughter, Princess Siirah to Darmahk to serve the Overseer.
A Parade from the Villa Ferlada to Darmahk begins with some interference from the Outlaw Brersnah.
Later, Iiirah, the Sorceress of the Warlord declares she is Siirah's sibling and after an
argument she marshalls the Warlord's forces and invades the City of Darmahk.

The Tribunal of Gram, the Priest of Dahkoar
Gram, the Priest of Dahkoar, murdered a Kingdom Knight Commander within the City of Darmahk
and a tribunal at the Darmahkian Stockade was the result. Tribunals are much less forgiving
than trials in the Kingdom as Darmahk is ruled with an iron fist and such events are very intense.

Anoroc on Ateraan
Strange things were happening in the southern grasslands as animals began to
mysteriously die and the corpses would not bury. A group of adventureres
joined together to seek out the issues in the grasslands and prepare mentally
and spiritually for what was coming. Little did they know what would arrive.

The Fall of the Four Guardians
This epic event led to the longest running lore in the game spanning the
course of several years and involving multiple spin off storylines.
Several players who have been on the game for a decade became an intrigal
part of the story known as the Fall of the Guardians.

The Banishment of Valcrest the Warrior
Valcrest took issue with the Leadership of the Warriors and ended up not
only being removed from the Guild but banished from the land. A ceremony
took place for this event and was quite an interesting ordeal.

Induction of a Thief
Two members of the Thieves Guild meet with an
applicant at the Crossroads Inn.

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