Two members of the Thieves Guild meet with an
applicant at the Crossroads Inn.

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Crossroads Inn - Private Room

This room is sparsely decorated, having a small window and curtains. A cotton filled bed is in one corner and a desk lacking drawers is against one wall. A note on the door has some writing on it. Obvious exits : west and window.

Parcet enters into the room.

Kiralin looks at Parcet.

Parcet says, "Julien, I presume"

Kiralin exclaims to Parcet, "Its not what you think!"

Kiralin laughs

Julien laughs

Kiralin nods at Parcet

Kiralin hugs Parcet

Julien gets up off of his seat, extending a hand.

Julien says to Parcet, "Julien...Julien Marzon."

Parcet refuses the hand presently and nods

Parcet says, "I'm not here for pleasantries, Mister Marzon"

Julien raises an eyebrow curiously.

Julien says, "As you wish then."

Parcet says, "Have a seat please."

Julien says, "Do continue, I'm still wondering exactly what I'm doing here."

Julien sits himself back down.

Kiralin glances to the window then moves over and sits on the window's frame.

Parcet sets the end of his weapon on the ground while watching Julien after a brief glance at Kiralin.

Parcet says, "I...have connections in various places..."

Julien nods quietly, dead serious now.

Parcet says, "People who...hire me as it were, to do things."

Julien says in a quiet voice, "I'm aware of your station in the city."

Parcet says, "Ah, I doubt it, I'm a juggler of various odd jobs and never too satisfied with any."

Parcet says, "but that is beside the point."

Julien leans forward in his chair, listening intently.

Parcet says, "My current employer, has mentioned your name."

Parcet says, "And I've been asked to you as it were."

Julien asks, "I take it I shall not be made privy to this individual's identity?"

Parcet says, "Let's just says, Julien..."

Parcet says, "if the talk goes won't leave here alive. I'm sorry to say."

Julien shrugs

Julien says, "Such risks are a part of such things I suppose. Consequences are but natural."

Parcet smiles but there is little humour in it.

Parcet says, "I have my orders, and I'm paid fairly well to follow them"

Parcet says, "Very well said."

Parcet nods approvingly.

Julien leans back in his chair, watching and listening.

Parcet asks, "Tell me Julien, what is it that you seek in Gahlen, what goals do you have beyond being a wanderer which I assume is just a cover up for your further goals, yes?"

Julien says to Parcet, "I have my own agenda, yes, but you can understand I'm sure, that the delicacy of this business requires discretion on my part. Let us not be blunt."

Parcet reaches to his chin and rubs it absently.

Parcet ask, "On the contrary, it is time to be blunt. Do you seek the underground or a position in it?"

Julien says, "Indeed I do."

Parcet asks, "And what pray tell, do you think you could offer them?"

Julien says to Parcet, "I have followed this profession since I first left my home. I have travelled the world with the sojourn clans that call me on me as a brother. I come from a background of the finest practioners of the craft in the eastern world."

Julien says, "Normally..."

Parcet nods and waits for Julien to finish his thoughts.

Julien says, "The sojourn clans operate outside the bounds of city guilds, as I'm sure your employer is aware, for we constantly move from place to place, and as such are not really a threat to any practicing guild. But I have left behind my road, and laid roots here. I would ply my craft, but I do not wish to infringe on territory not assigned to me."

Julien says, "This time.."

Julien says, "I'm playing by the rules."

Parcet says, "I've watched you Julien on occassion. I personally think you are right for this "work" as it were. I think your business as a seller of small items is ingenious, but I do not make the final decisions on such things, I am but a evaluater, if you will."

Parcet says, "Tell me then..."

Julien inclines his head in acknowledgement.

Parcet asks, "Who do you have commitments with in the city. Do you owe anyone?"

Julien says, "Money? No one."

Julien asks, "Loyalty?"

Julien ponders the situation

Kiralin looks at Julien.

Parcet nods at Kiralin.

Parcet waits.

Parcet asks, "Loyalty?"

Julien says to Parcet, "I owe debts, many to the lady sitting behind me now on the window. Many to friends such as one of the Waylumi. And most of all I am loyal to a certain woman. Other than that, I have few ties, or rather, permanent ones."

Parcet asks, "You realise your friends are your own business but the path you seek leads more toward the darkness?"

Julien says to Parcet, "A thief is a thief you. There are sheep aplenty, and we're not killers yet."

Parcet says, "Ah but you might have to be one day, never forget that."

Julien says, "As always, necissity is the mother of invention."

Parcet says, "yes, of course...I will leave you with this final thought..."

Parcet says, "I will not decide whether you enter the ranks, but rather, that decision will come from my employer, furthermore..."

Julien leans forward, interest evident on his face.

Parcet says, "After this meeting I will forget we met, and regardless of the outcome, I suggest you do the same."

Julien says, "Of course."

Parcet says, "And finally,"

Julien raises a curious eyebrow.

Parcet says, "Kiralin is of course my lover and confidant, she nor I will ever know the final decision of the employer, so regardless, your identity is safe with us, until a perhaps further date."

Parcet says, "Good luck to you Julien. you final duty is to wait to be contacted and talk to No One about what traspires here or in the future."

Parcet says, "and..."

Parcet says, "I ask that you leave by the window, no one should know we met here."

Parcet looks toward the window and the courtyard below.

Parcet takes Kiralin's hand and moves her from the window.

Julien rises from his chair. "Very well. It is good that we never met this day."

Kiralin stands up and moves next to Parcet.

Parcet smiles and nods.

Kiralin says, "Oh, Julien."

Julien reaches up behind him and draws forward his cowl. "Yes Kiralin?"

Kiralin says, "You don't owe me anything."

Kiralin smiles at Julien.

Julien chuckles.

Parcet grins at Kiralin.

Julien turns, perching gracefully on the window, peering back merely a moment before he's gone.

Julien crashes out the window and lands with a crunch into the bushes!

Parcet nods to Kiralin.

Kiralin nods at Parcet.

Parcet and Kiralin leave west.

[**** THE END ****]
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